Dear Stranger

Now that my holidays are almost over, it’s time I sent away the thank-you letters to the wonderful people without whom it would have never been possible to make my summer break an astounding success as this one. Haahhhhh!!! Here goes the first one…

Dear Stranger,
I am quite sure you do not remember me, but I can’t wipe you off my memory. It was one of those monsoon afternoons I met you in front of Archie’s gallery. It had been drizzling through out the day so far. And the wind was fast enough, to carry away volatile hearts in its hands. And I was there to buy mummy a present for her anniversary. After I got out of the building with the gift, the wind was kind of aggressive then. And my scooty was all jammed inside with some ten odd vehicles around it. I couldn’t get it out of that mess. I called the security guard there, he didn’t budge. And there you were right beside me, chatting away on the phone to a distant someone. All the time you were on the phone, and you gestured to me that you were there to help me. Oh! What a relief. I had been uttering curses to myself all along. You asked me to move out. And as I stood there away from all this lump of vehicular congestion, you struggled for me, and got my scooty out.

And damn! All the time you were on the phone with that ‘distant someone’ talking about train tickets to Warangal. May be you study there or something? I doubt, whether you heard the nearly mute ‘thanks’ that escaped me lips, because you were still on the phone. So let me thank you now…
Yours truly,
Another stranger…you would never know who!

The next letter of thanks is to my CDwallah~~~:D


The Ugly One said...

is nt lif ful f strngrs? they are in short supply. bt i too luv 'em :)

StandbyMind said...

how man letters do we have?

wildflower said...

ugly one,
i love strangers 2...but only if they are good enough...:D

one of them will be
to you for sure
for our joint venture...
oye that rhymes :P