~honest mumblings~

Me and my life
We have made our harmony
Signed a truce
No more
No more of thinking till it hurts

The touch of the midnight is so healing
So soothing, that all that is past is forgotten
There is peace, despite the turbulence
I am free from ‘growing up’ now

My eyes can sense a coolness
A stability, enough of day dreams
No expectations from anyone
No waiting for the special arrival

I am happy with all I am left with
Not unhappy for what I lost
My inspiration is long gone
Even then I am inspired

Every day I am a step ahead
On the path of self discovery
But all I know is
I am my mystery!


Pingu said...

Beautiful beautiful poem!
I have this habit of using the same adjective twice when I come across something as...well...beautiful as this :)

wildflower said...

thanks 2 u, i learnt a new way of appreciating things i like :)