Date: may ** 2007
Time: 7 pm around
This should be the happiest moment of my life. Should be. ‘coz I just got whatever I wanted for quite sometime in my life. If I could, I would have frozen these moments in time. And I am so shocked that I can’t even relish this state of mind. My muscles are ready to jump into the air. I am feeling a little too crazy, and so I cant absorb all the happiness around. What should I do? Thank you God. Thanx a million for giving me these tears of joy. Love you…forever…nomatterwhat…love you..muah!

PS :
And I will just to add this as I end this. When you have been dying for some wish to be fulfilled, and one day it so happens that your wish is fulfilled, you donot feel as elated and hysterical as you think you should have. because the value of things decrease the very moment you begin to posses them. The achievement chains the madness you had within earlier…

just wanted to post this, incase i look back some day...n find this post out, and feel good or bad...i dunno---but let it be there...lemme have a witness to some part of all that i have been thru' :)


Shake Al Ansaari said...

hey girl
nice to hear that you got what you were thinking about for quite sometime.

Lucky girl..i must say....coz only few get wat the want....so touch wood...take care

StandbyMind said...

Really Glad to see U r happr n elated:)

N U have raised a very imp point here..yes at that moment it all fades away..slowly gradually..n we start thinkin about the next thing..ignoring the present as if it was our right and its just Ok..
Forgetting to cherish the moment and thank almighty for it!!!