To someone special---

To the other woman:-

You have a fairer color
A slender figure
And hair never out of order

A smaller face
A gait of better grace
And earrings that heighten his craze

Eyes deliquescent
More intoxicating a scent
With my man, may you never repent

Dexterous fingers, polished nails
And to share with him, a lot better tales

Things very rare
A voluptuous stare
Inestimable care

It’s got something to do
With your lowered gaze
Enthralled, he is always full of praise

About your lips that lure
Your eye balls azure
Your person, so demure

Let me cut it short
With you, may he never flirt

May neither heart ever break
I know the ache is too much to take

Take good care of this man…
After all, you will grow his clan!!!


The Unpaid Analyst said...

lovely poem...May i ask,Is it inspired frm real life?

subbu said...

Beautiful..... whether from experience or just a wild inspiration streak.....

wildflower said...

well...i l keep that a secret!!!LoLzzzz...this is just what the chocolate girls arnd ccd wud look like if they wer letters!!!

thanx so much :D

Amandeep Singh said...

Now what do I say..
Just beautiful work ..I was thinkin n limiting it to mere observation..U go much much deeper and ahead!

wildflower said...

thnx dude...
i stress the heart as i dunt stress the head :D

Matangi Mawley said...

hey.. tht was a beautiful piece of poetry!
n thnx 4 u'r comments.. i feel so honoured!

Hmm... said...

you are a truly prolific poet ...... [:)]...beautiful work !!

wildflower said...

matangi mawley,
ur blog is a treat for the senses...
n thanx :)for visiting mine:)

wildflower said...

transcending silence,
i do write one poem a day, but this is the first one that rhymed :D
thanx :)

Sri said...

thanks mate... by the way you have an awesome way with words.

wildflower said...

thanx :D come back for more...:P

The Ugly One said...

lovely, rhyming even if its d first time

wildflower said...

thnx :D
hav sum more comin up!!!

................your's entirely said...

good one....very crafty the layout ofur blog...great artistic sense i must say

wildflower said...

i owe it to a fellow blogger

WritingsForLife said...

wow... pretty cool. Very creative idea :-)