she was so emotional
she cried at the slightest thing that hurt her
she felt a lot
she thought a lot
she was an outcast
mocked at
laughed at
& sadly different

she never got their jokes
nor the shrewd human tricks
their back biting
she was so absent all the time...
preoccupied she said
in another world...
where that world lie, she didn't know

some call she heard
to think beyond the usual
to see beyond the horizon
to hear the non-existent, the non-significant
to live beyond the mundane

but she had not grown a heart strong enough
to bear all the criticism
not to care for the ostracism


Princess Banter said...

I love the last stanza. It represents a little piece of everyone, methinks. No matter how strong we think we are, we still care even a little about what other people think about us... and about fitting in.

vitruvian said...

nice...sad...but nicely written...

Anonymous said...

those feeling ring a bell. hah we human beings are such clones :P
nice writeup.


mystic rose said...

but she will. everyone's worth lies in their own.

and to live beyond the mundane is strength itself. it should not matter who says what. and with age that will happen.

beautiful lines.

phoenix said...

why do i feel you have written about me... :P

we are all the same deep inside i guess some are just to complex to realize that

amazingly well written

wildflower said...

@ princess
it's all about "what will people think if i do this, if i do that..."
we are so not governed by ourselves

@ vitruvian
Life Is Sorrow

@ oracle
thanx :)

@ mystic
let age come...asap! LoL

@ phoenix

You are Me & I am You! :D

Standbymind said...

The moment I read the first stanza..I knew rest of it...all of it!

Still read all to check on...


wildflower said...

U really frighten me when you let me know, that you know me this well!

Am i that easy a person to crack?:P