Conversation on the phone:

Shikha: -Yeah, hi!
Salil: - where are you?
Shikha: - what where? At this hour, should I be playing basket ball? I am in my apartment of course…
Salil: - Can you come out for a moment? I, actually…
Shikha: - what? It’s 2 o’clock man! C’ mon!
Salil: - mmmm…actually I am waiting downstairs…
Shikha: - what is it actually uh? Is this the time? Go and come back tomorrow.
Salil: - I didn’t drive down 15 kilometers just for nothing.
Shikha: - then what did you drive down for? C’mon yaar!
Salil: - can I expect to have you here in another five minutes?
Shikha: -Of course not!
Call disconnected!

Ten minutes later…conversation downstairs:

Shikha: - Yes sir? What can I do for you?
Salil: - get in!
Shikha: -huh? No! I won’t!
Salil: - you think I am going to kidnap you or something?
Shikha: - well, you never know (giggles, and gets in)

The car zooms into motion.

Shikha: -(screams) Oh My God! Where are we going?
Salil: - wherever you say!
Shikha: - what? No kidding yaar, where are you taking me?
Salil: - hmmmm…the beach probably? Or do you have some other place in mind?
Shikha: - and you have plans to fish? Did you go mad or something after that promotion?
Salil: - I have always been as mad; it was you who never realized it!
Shikha: -Shut up! Priti will get worried…I told her I will get back in a minute…
Salil: - who is that?
Shikha: -uh? She is my loving flat mate, clear?

Silence persists…until the sea appears.

Salil: -here you are…I know it’s the sea you actually love (winks), so brought you here, at midnight it looks the best!
Shikha: - but why? What’s wrong with you?

Salil leaning on his car, Shikha kicking the sand…

Salil: -I love you

Shikha gives him a confused momentary stare. Gets into the car, and calms herself, trying to convince her that nothing had happened. That she had heard nothing. Anyway, she had foreseen it…

Salil: - what happened?
Shikha: - Drop me home, please!

Conversation in the apartment:

Priti: - I saw it all (grins).
Shikha: -what?
Priti: - so?
Shikha: -he proposed, I guess!
Priti: -(Hysterical) I knew this was coming! Oh my God! What did you say?
Shikha: - me? I said nothing…
Priti: -I doubt your sanity! Shikha?
Shikha: -haan
Priti: -let me tell you that you just said ‘nothing’ to a friend of 3 years and the guy you almost love.
Shikha: - Almost! (Sighs) Goodnight Sweety!
Priti: - You are absolutely hopeless!

It’s around half past eleven the next day. Shikha receives Salil’s call.

Salil: -what’s up? Where are you?
Shikha: - Me? Oh! I am playing basketball! C’mon, I am in the office, and I was conspiring to kill my new manager…
Salil: - Spare the poor chap, he already has a painful life, with you working for him!
Shikha: -Can you please shut up?
Salil: -Alright! Let’s have lunch together?
Shikha: - no! I am busy.
Salil: - Can I expect to have you at 12 30? And you know the place, don’t you?
Shikha: - No ways! Bye!

Shikha and Salil talking across their lunch table:

Salil: -Excuse me, but I proposed you last night, remember?
Shikha: -So?
Salil: - So, say something?
Shikha: - What should I say?
Salil: -Say ‘yes’.
Shikha: - Yes.

And this is the way it should be…Bingo!


vitruvian said...

runaway romantics are we??? ;}

Sweetstickychewy said...

Hello there,

Thanks for visiting my blog.;)

Have a good weekend.


Priya said...

Awww..yeah, when ur heart keeps on doi it,even tho ur mind was reluctant in the middle,you oughtta knw this is it :)

anirudh said...

is post ne jaan le li hai meri....beautiful...really beautiful..!

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heh heh heh ...........

way to go !!

KAYLEE said...

oh wow thats great:)

Keshi said...

ur pic looks awesome!


Rajeev said...

hehee! :D
that was a really nice post!!
Was fun! :P
thanx for the visit upon my blog, i've added u in my blogroll! :)

peace & love

................your's entirely said...

needless to say that it was amazingly beautiful.....wish it had been so easy for everyone(sigh!)

wildflower said...

@ Sneha
May be I am one...at times :D

@ priya
You got it right..i have been victimized more than once!

@ Anirudh
Special thanx...jaan wapas derahi hun yaar...magar yahan wapas aate rehna :)

@ mystic, Kaylee,Keshi
thanx thanx thanx :D

@ deepa
laughter inducing comical nonsense? is that it?

@ rajeev
Thanx for the honor :)

@ your's entirely
I understand that emotion completely...had it been this easy...love would never have been the most written about thing in the world!(or i suppose so) this is just a make-believe story...

anirudh said...

zaroor aaenge...! acchi jagah lagti hai ye..!

pankajunk said...

autobiographical wasnt that?

wildflower said...

@ pankaj...
no! not at all...autobiographical would n't be this dreamy...
just some good imagination at work :P

nikita said...

Awww..sweet..really nice. thanx for stopping by my blog.

Hopeless Romantic said...

hmm...nice ....love the simplicity

but is this an autobiographical count?

btw whats ur name (tell that if u have not kept it anonymous, o.w no worries)


wildflower said...

@ Amit
Nope..it's not autobiographical though i wish it had been.. :)

& d namez Eva ;)

Hopeless Romantic said...

nice Eva :)

arvind said...

he is so wild and inviting the whole earth behind to propose u..
at times me may think - for that moment alone - "one have to love.."


me may keep quiet..