®--£$₭The Rat Race€¥₩--®

I run I run I run
In the sun

And in the rain
I sweat I scream

I run I rush

I cry in despair
Tired legs
Sprained ankles
Eyes all burnt
And a mind that refuses to obey

No food, no water
But no hunger even then
Nor am I thirsty
Just that the walls of my stomach
Give me pangs and burns, intolerable

No time to think, and feel, to rest…
To be myself
I am in a desert, and I don’t even see a mirage
Just run, run and run

Run, where?
I don’t know
Blinded by the dust and my dreariness
I follow the crowd and go
Wherever the mob leads me…

Run, drenched in my tears
Drenched in my regrets
Smeared in the ashes of my passions…
Hopelessness, darkness shroud me

I have stopped believing in flowery stuff
Music doesn’t heal my wounds
Poetry cannot satisfy my appetite
Tears can’t bring me to a point
When I can say “I have cried enough”

Like a piece of stone
In the green vastness of a graveyard…
I lie, in my solitary corner…
Weeping away my melancholy

And not an ear to hear
But even then I run, I run and I run…


KAYLEE said...


Sach said...

nice one!

vitruvian said...

an age in the race of human time...
a line in the sand for the mind..
so run...when u run till the end of time..
looking for a ear or heart in muddle...
the finish is reached...but u do have a dried up puddle...

nice poem....
cool work..

Anshul Negi said...

run in the race you may,
run from your shadows you may not,

run from the places you may,
run from the memories you may not,

so even fron this run you may,
but from constantly follwing it up you may not.

run wher,
run why,
theres always you,
there is always us,
reach out for friends,
and foes will join!!


Loved the poem btw, awsome descriptions, ones i cud related to easily!!!

StandbyMind said...


Eva you ought to stop ...

Stop and see...
Stop and Feel...
Stop and Listen...
Stop and Smell...

Do all this But put Mind on stanby Once..Just once!

and then write one poem..

N i shall see!


wildflower said...

@ kaylee
read urs and commeneted too

@ sach
thanx :D

@ vitruvian
i gotta say i really appreciate ur visits here :)

@ anshul
run wher,
run why,
theres always you,
there is always us,
reach out for friends,
and foes will join!!

@ Aman
I shall try ...but for now, i gotta run :P

StandbyMind said...

I will wait!