Love Child

the part of you that is within me
keeps me awake tonight
night after night..
he reminds me of you..
of our furious love
the passion that lived between us
our love made of unsaid words and lowered gazes..
the passed time
the silent prayers
my fear of falling apart
the fear of fostering this fear..

when he sees the light of the day
all in the world i want is to see
you play him
chase him out of the bushes he hides in
roll him on the grass..
kiss him all over
smother him
the way we never did

bestow on him..
the remnant of our love

let me not regret anymore
of that half love

in him..let it live on
tonight, let our love
meet the horizon..


indisch said...

Furious love... like it!

~*~ Jal Pari ~*~ said...

I absolutely loved it!

Nicely done :)

Vaga Bond said...

hey ! thanks for the comment on my blog. And you have a great blog too. Liked this poem, will come back for more :)

wildflower said...

@ indisch
thanx :D ..!!

@ Jal

@ Vagabond

SUCHI said...


Amaresh said...

owow .. great silent poem .. i love it

will you write something inmy sit e.. i love your poem

my site is

join and post something into sahitya

chouhaan said...

WOW !!! No words for this one !!