I wish I were home now. Me and mom would have just come back grocery shopping, holding lots of bags. Panting coz the stairs. I wish so hard, I can almost hear the lock of the main door clicking open, and I can see myself switching the light on and throwing the bags on the floor. Sinking into the couch and skipping the news channels on the TV to find some old hindi movie playing somewhere. I wish so hard I can breathe the smell of the rain in the air. The mild breeze that enters the living room from my bedroom. I can get flavors of spices from the kitchen. I can feel the cold with my barefeet,walking into my mom's bedroom..and I can hear the sound of shifting of the curtains. I can see the highway from the window. The chain of lights. The hurrying traffic. The waiting rain. Mom saying dad would be home any moment. And so much more. I am almost there..

I wish I could go out tonite. I have this particular black dress I wanted to wear. I wanted to see myself getting down the stairs in that. If that's not weird enough, I wanted to dine out. I wish to hear the clinking of glasses in an up-class restaurant. I wanted to lose myself in dim lights. Iwanted to be gifted a thing or two. I wanted to look down at the boisterous street from the glass of the particular up-class restaurant. I wanted to have some hot chocolate stuff. Later I wishedto be walked back home. My gait dancing in total abandon, on the sidewalk. Unafraid. Swaying to unheard music..and I wished to see all this happening, through your eyes..

These are just 2 of the 22 weird wishes I made..TOday!


Unknown said...

I would love to read about the rest of em too. :-)

The Furobiker said...

Happy birthday gurl!

Meghana Naidu said...

there's something very strong in the words, the whole 'ambiance'... on a dark rainy night it does stuff to your brain.

i have fallen terribly in love with the '22 weird wishes idea'! are you going to write somemore? Can i borrow it too?is it your birthday?

wildflower said...

@ Tapas
:-D I know!

@ Abhishek
Thanx dude

@ Meghana
:) yes it is ..

Arooj said...

it shows that how much some apparently trivial things are impotant in one's life.

Anonymous said...

Belates...What were the other 20? Would love to know if you still remember.

wildflower said...

I dont..good for me. :-)