Mich & Amit..

'Cabbie take me home'
'It's icy cold out here, and I would rather be left out tonite'
'But cabbie take me home'
'In life, I am doing a lot of running, but not getting anywhere'
'So cabbie, take me home..'

Says Mich

'Calm girl'
'Take a deep breath'
'I'm almost holding your hand'
'In you I see a Goddess'
'All roads lead to you'
'Don't go home tonite'

Says Amit

'But I love me more than than/..anythin els'
'This is killing me bit by bit'
'They want me to change'
'I am going mad, so'
'Amit, I'm so going mad'

Says Mich

'Girl, my Mich'
'Hold yourself and listen'
'This wind blows your hair'
'And sultry is the way you look'
'even when it's icy cold out here'

Says AmitItalic

'But Amit'
'I aint beautiful'
'That is what I am all about'
'I aint beautiful'
'That is what I am all about'

Says Mich

'Says who? Mich?'
'You're my Goddess'
'My Karma..all I have'
'Beautiful or not'
'You are all that you are'
'You are me.. Mich'

Says Amit

'But I am so confused Amit'
'I don't know what is it I want'
'What is it that makes me so sad'
'Honestly I don't'
'I have been lookin for help'

Says Mich

'You're sweet music'
'You ae the romance between words..'
'You're the way the wind sways'
'The dry leaves twirl..'

'You ae a beautiful mind, Mich'

Says Amit

'But Amit..'



Meghana Naidu said...

a beautiful idea and a beautiful conversation
though, in my head, the rhythm felt slightly off at times i could still enjoy reading it..
even more would definitely be nice to read!

A said...

innovative.. nice read!

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

pretty well done :-).
I enjoyed reading it :-)

academically impaired said...


and I pity Amit


wildflower said...

@ meghana
yeah, the rythme..proly was meant to be that way :D

@ A
thankyu ..

@ Raaji
tnx :)

@ Lukcy
Poor Amit!
but on another note..i wonder why would Amit be not relishing Mich ..

kunal said...

beautiful name.. mich..
ur commitment to write is so inspiring.. can't imagine writing something of this sort..

Vaga Bond said...

Loved it! So identify with "Mich" and so wish for "Amit"

wildflower said...

@ kunal
thnks a tonne re.. and u better not imagine anythin of that sort...mera copyright hai :P

@ Vaga Bond
:) ..sigh!

chouhaan said...

cool..'u r my karma ..all i have' well this is something new...
My version goes like this:
"u r all I have ..beautiful or not" says Amit
"what ..i m not beautiful??? i was kiddin when I said 'I aint beautiful'
Now u stand here in ice cold nite ..i m takin another cab " says Mich

and i know the name amit is a common commodity but pls dont overuse it ;)

- Amit chouhan

wildflower said...

thanx amit chouhan :P

Amit said...

ahem ahem.. whats the reason for choosing such names? :P
you know what i mean :D
..nice piece tho

wildflower said...

Every Amit that has read this post has the same complaint..but what could I do, the inspiration for this post was called Amit! :(