One Friday evening..

He sat with his legs stretched towards me under the table. Earlier I wondered if that he did to confirm his authority on me. But later that ceased to matter anymore. Authority confirmed or not, he invariably takes me wherever I go.

He looked pre-occupied. Wasn't with me. I didn't meddle with that. That's a part of getting used to eachother. And that is a hassle free process when the reason of you two beingtogether is that both of you are pre-occupied, indifferent and insolently so; yet infinitely passionate, weirdly in love with yourself and madly in love with each other..

He was making calls, breathing heavy, looking around. Stretching his hands and looking at corners of the roof. It was impossible to catch his eyes.

We were supposed to be working. We decided, Friday evenings they would be. Week days were killing me. We hardly ever could meet. So we decided Friday evenings they would be. A lot of stuff had piled up. I was tired, sleep-deprived and silent. He was red-eyed and distant.

I wanted to go for a walk later, may be, if time and situations permitted. And if he got out of his shell for the night. Staring at the laptop screen, my eyes began toache. Numbers and letters merged into each other. And diverged when they felt like. He was looking away and thinking, working away. Do I distract him? Or anything.

I crushed his pillow in myarms, pulled my hair apart.

'Ideas never come to me this way. I am deaD'

He didn't move.

'Are you even listening to me?' I cried.

He looked atme then. A smile gushed on his face. His eyes were so much like mine.

'I'l get you coffee'

He got out of the room, exactly what I wanted. Alone now, i leaned on his heap of clothes on the bed, and don't know slept for how long. Fifteen minutes..Twenty?

I woke up to a heat shock. He was brushing the coffee cupagainst my cheek. Waking me up from sleep, is something like murder, if not more. I screamed. Spilt the coffee on me, on him, on the whole of his bed.

What followed were his obvious peals of laughter, a tiny tussle of muscles, between lovers. And incessant rain outside. One Friday evening.


Hopeless Romantic said...

first line has something missing, probably a word 'leg' ... dnt know whether it is truth or fiction, but i really liked what you just shared...there is an inherent sincerity in the way you write...and i abs loved it..!

wildflower said...

Thanks :) God knows how that got missin.. corrected it!

Hopeless Romantic said...

i have asked you this before, but i forgot your name which you told me once, so kindly do the honors again!

would love to see you around!


Hopeless Romantic said...

And btw thanks to me for blogrolling you, a lot of people started reading you a little bit more from my reader list, and deservedly so!


wildflower said...

Thanx again ;)
Tis Eva.

d gypsy! said...

arent u bored of me appreciating u again n again n all ovr again with the damn stoopid words?

A said...

I stumbled upon your blog by chance... spent a few hrs reading it... I think its pretty amazing!

academically impaired said...

" he stared atme "
n there was a spacebar missing :)

btw friday evening is a wonderful time,
prelude 2 a weekend n the work just gets over...

wildflower said...

@ gypsy
i am tataly lovin it.. very few things in ma life i love so much.. :)

@ A
nice name!

@ Lucky
I am doing away with space bars. i love to look at the new words that are born this way..i write them together, readthem al..

Sumit said...

Eva, nice writing. :) Good reading your blog, and I'll be back!!

mia said...

i luv the way u put together li'll nothings nd still leave me wondering luved the lines "tussle of muscle between lovers "

prajna said...

superb, fantastic piece of writing........"d" I am proud of u yaar.................

Ketan said...

This was cute!

wildflower said...

@ Sumit
hmm.. :)

@ Mia
coz our ideas of romance match :D

@ Prajna
I m proud of u 2.. we rock!! :P

@ Ketan

The Rain Crab said...

each and every piece of this blog jus wants me read more!!!

wildflower said...

let my writin be of that use then :)
grt to have you here..

Tan said...

mann.. i missed this!! what a piece of writing!!!