Walks To Remember-5

read WTR-4? Y/N


Oh that's his new cosmo way of greeting people huh? He's changed.
I must've changed too. Let's find out & fix it. once and for all..

Ismiled, slowly reluctantly..

'I had heard that you ae here, in this city'

'Now that you've seen me, you know I am here..' i said with a tinge
of sarsastic obviousness..

'So whatare you doin here?'

'Here as in now?'

'okay, what the hell re yu doin here, at this late an hour? you aren't
lost or anything right?'

like he cared? I laughed in my mind..

He laughed out aloud, I didn't want to ask him why.. we were
standin in the middle of nowhere, people zooming past, time gliding
by.Yet i was unable to realise the enormity of the situation, of
having met someone from the past who i had absolutely no chances
of meeting. and in a matter of minutes he would be gone never to
meet me again. could ihold these certain seconds in my hands.

'I can walk you till the taxi stand?'said he.

Nothanx I can walk onmy own.whattajoke!

'You said something?'


'and what was that?'


'yeah, what did you say?'

'Did you hear me say something?'

'Nope Ididn't'

'How else do you suppose that I said something? You can read
minds orsomething?'

'Oh fire!'

I turned up toface him and smiled at his now surprised face.


Standbymind said...


All i had was a smile on face after reading

wildflower said...

mk d smile stay a lil longer...an a lil longer :P