#hangover of jargon#

shelly: U know everythin
B: yeah, now I do
shelly: yet, this is the way you choose to be
B: I don't want to hurt you shelly
shelly: Yu'l hurt me anyway
B: silent
shelly: anyway yu'l go away, leavin shelly
the way she was
B: I wish i could do anythin but that
shelly: but that's what u'l ultimately do, B.
B: B'l do anythin to lessen your hurt
shelly: then be nice to me now, the way
yu've always been. 'coz that's precisely why
i fell for you and i want not to fall out of
it..anymore, now
B: this hasno future shelly. ths can't be an
asset in the long term. all that we do
nowwill be a liability of sad memories for
the rest f yur life..
shelly: no jargon B. shutup.
B: okay shelly!
shelly: i want to strike a judicious trade-off
between a long term liability of sad
memories and one moment of nascent
happyness now..
B: anythin for you?
shelly: Anyway you will hurtme B 'coz yu ar
goin away. it's a matterof few months an
then i won't see anymore of yu//..
B: right.
shelly: you have two ways of goin about it.
you can hurt me now or you can hurt me

i ask you to hurtme laterr,please..not now

don't think about the future, just b the B
shelly's known..shelly's fallen for, with a

B: yeah, alr8..

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................your's entirely said...

Wonderful...especially the last part...awesome use of the pic.....

Mansi said...

hmmmmm.......wonderful and a real conversation ....of the tym wen love goes away and memories remains....bt does the love really go away???? i dont think so....love is inestimable..it remains,.forever..........

Sumit said...


good One....!!

& I have copied that widget linkwithin on to my blog.. thanks for it :)

wildflower said...

@ ..your's --
thats a 2/3 years old pic..wonder how i lose track of tym..

@ mansi
ohdoesit! :)

@ rana
d pleasure is al mine :P

SUCHI said...

gud one :)

SUCHI said...

u remb we had a little conversation abt that pic :)

wildflower said...

m sure v did.. cant recall now..u'l temme wen v meet up or smthin' :P