Walks To Remember-4

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Desire? What is that?

It's been three years I moved out of that place. Where I was stuck
for sometime. That one moment when I thought I almost found
you. But you walked away into the dark and refused to come back.

And I ended up in a city with lots of cabs, none when you need one.
A place where there are more people and I am only lonlier. The
traffic is so sluggish and life is as fast. It's breathtaking. Life is life
threatening attimes. And I haven't thought once about you all these

I was walking down the flight of stairs that take me home. The dull
lightof the evening was profound. Someone was playing music. I
stood for a while and walked on..

I realised that I had been following a black blazer for long. Doesn't
matter. Round the corner he would obviously take some turn and I
will take the other. And I would be alone again.

Taking random rounds, twice thrice, when I have had enough of
my hopeless pondering I would take a cab to the place I call home.
I wish I could record the name of my place andkeep replaying it
everytime a cab passes me, making memore hopeless by the minute.
Every face around is a strange one. Though the place seems strangely
familiar. The black blazer has turned around.

In the faint light, he gives me a hint. I have known him. I get
curious first. Nervous then. Frozen fingers to sweaty palms.

It's you.

One of my usual Saturday evenings, I was trying to find my way
back through the dark, but I found you. You.

..to be continued


The Juggernaut said...

i guess we just see what we wanna see !

loved it... <3

Standbymind said...

Great piece..This is very interesting series you have woven out!

Good work Eva!!!


academically impaired said...

tell us more :)

wildflower said...

@ juggernaut

@ Aman
tnx .. ;)

@ Lucky
me 2 had similar plans :D

Gypsy said...

:) have been reading you.. like always, but cudnt comment... nyhow, now that i want to be, or say now that i tend to be back, i thot i'd let u know..

ur thoughts are wild, wildflower...they lay an expanse of post-thoughts for me and the addiction is such that i keep coming back to you...

wildflower said...


thnx gypsy :)


Anonymous said...

Why So Tensed? You could have used Mobile light !!!!

Or atleast wore Gerkin/Sweater so that u don't get Frozen !!