One of my girlfriends found herself a cute guy. And the guy found
her in return. She wanted me to come over and meet. That meant
one thing- I would need to behave myself.

My opinions were obviously no more welcome. I was supposed to
make my presence felt as someone greatly elated with whatever
happens. And yet not cross those borders around passivity. And yet
be there for them. It is not as complicated as it seems. I have been
out with couples and prospective couples, before.

There was a phase when my opinions were asked for and
considered. There was a phase I was tired of romantic-consulting
offered free of cost. The questions made were on the lines of 'Will he
be right for me?' and in more sentimental modes of feminine
submissiveness 'Do I deserve him?' and etc. All those questions
were to be answered reassuringly affirmatively. Followed by many
chocolate-sauce-on-the-brownie sms's (or whatever the plural of
sms is). Sometimes third persons warn me I shouldn't push people
into relationships. But I hardly ever do that. They are willing

This meeting was imperative. It was like a promise we made when
we were blossom buddies. Walking dark roads on cold evenings
throughout college, these were some of the treaties signed. To
show each other the person we were so going to live the rest of our
lives with. So she was simply complying to one such

And the job is fun too. I will tell you why. As girls we shared some
typical notions. Now looking at those things happen for real would
be looking at the past through a wall of glass. You can see
everything so clearly and yet can't get back. Every moment you
feel like telling her how she thought he should be so-and-so but
now he has turned out to be not-so-and-not-so. But since she has
lost all sense of logic you dont utter a word except uttering what's
so a part of etiquette. You wonder how good the guy has made the
transition from 2-D to 3-D. From the pics of him that she sent you,
to real person of flesh and blood you are going to lose her to.

Relationships break away friendships. But I understand. That's life.
It probably is a set of ever changing priorities.

PS: YASP is for Yet Another Silly Post


Mayz said...

jus yst i was talkin to a fren abt d last line u wrote...

realtionships break frenships...it kinda pinches hard :(

man in painting said...

liked the "YASP"
do more.

*Shreya* said...

awwww this is SO true !!!

like YASP btw!

aria said...

Me too liked this YASP.

wildflower said...

@ mayz
but i don't think i do have a problem with that ..

@ man in the painting
thnx :)

@ Shreya
now YASP is a hit ! :D

@ aria
lol.. thnx :)

Anonymous said...

so true....nd somewhere down the line dis story seems 2 b too close 2 my heart :)

wildflower said...

b'coz it's for u idiot :P