I hate the situation where in I know a change is imperative and I
further know that I have the guts in me to bring it about, but I am
not doing so and I have no excuse to substantiate my inaction. I
allot half the blame on the situation, rest to me. The fact that I am
an escapist stares me in the eye. And I take it lying down.

My cell phone has been having problems with me lately. And my
laptop is ditching me to add to it. With the two most significant
characters of my life conspiring against me at the same time, I am

I stick to deadlines. EOD means End of Day..and not a second after
that. But there are few people who believe that Day Ends at 5 pm.
And such people are the people I cannot take.

That brings us to another caveat. I have no space for things and
people who are illogical. (Some things are exempted from the
wrath of this statment). We all like things that are straight-cut. We
all do. Such People who define norms, pretend that they are not
loving those norms themselves but do not let me defy them either,
by their over-imposing presence. And fret about it. WTF~

I do not open my mouth until I am provoked. Before that
everything is but waste of time and energy. I despise Desperate
Partcipations of people. I absolutely loathe people who play the
language game i.e. who make poor lil simple things look very very
complicated. I abhor 'bakar' and all its distant cousins.

By default I am a lazy human. I work only when and only when not
working would absolutely not do, i.e. if I were a cell phone, that
'Emergency Calls Only' thing would be perennially written on my
face. But I understand my core responsibilities. And I hope that you
understand that this doesn't contradict me being an escapist

Some People(*) blame me that I write about love and only about it
and that I am some stupid frustrated female, this is especially for
them.. many of them would like be here on my blog anyway..

Yes I am frustrated. Not just with love, but with a dozen things
besides that. I am frustrated with the way you (*) are!

And You(*) can go on only until one fine rainy day, I am provoked.


kunal said...

Beautiful... i dont feel that u write about love.. if i am right, then i feelthat u speak more about life..

keep up the work

aria said...

"I abhor 'bakar' and all its distant cousins."

Loved the rant.
This is your space and its only 'your' decision what you choose to write about.
I think you express emotions beautifully .. and that tugs your reader's heartstrings the most .. perhaps that's why some would think you write only about love.. but that too is your prerogative.

wildflower said...

thnx dude..i needed that ;)

this is proly d only plc i can so comfortably rant :P & yeah..i keep forgettin i own this plc.. & i own my life too..thnx for remindin me that :D