life is a silent dame
she doesn tellme
where shez takin me
i jus hope
that she is takin me
closer to you


Mansi said...

Why everytym I read ur blog I smewhat Feel as if I am in trance state!!!!!!!!
succha awesoem writer u r!!!
thoughts just flows out from your mind and u pen it down so well!!
hats off to u grl!!

................your's entirely said...

U look great in the sepia toned profile pic :)

...n this is not a flirtatious remark....

wildflower said...

@ mansi..
thnx girl.. at least smthn in ma lyf is workin out d way it shd..

@ ..your's..
thnx.. it's gonna stay for sometime to come..

BrAiN FrEEzE said...

beautiful... :)