i never believed in ghosts.but of course i literally drank all the ghost stories if i ever came accross them. i never completely agreed with their existence (or denied it this happened to me.

all of us had new rooms in second year .airy and better lighted than those in the rickety block of first year.
and on the very firat night my roomie deserted me.

due to reasons i had to sleep alone.i dun just want to waste your precious time making you read all that stuff here,all i can disclose is that we din't have a fight.

at around say one o'clock i locked my door,and switched on the allout(mosquito repellant with extra campus is endemic to malaria to add our pile of worries) and dissolved into many a dreams in my bed.i remember i had the fans moving at full speed and all...

at six around mum gave her usual wake up call,but i slept well beyond that as it was a far as i remember my all out was burning bright then.

and you know what!!!!
next when i opend my holy eyes,my allout was switched off,the fans were switched off!!!
temme could that be a ghost??


ashona111 said...

power to chali nahin gayin thi ??? switching ON AC by mobile rings is sort of possible and common in offices ... but never heard abt switching off ALL OUT ... is ur roomie a ghost ??? i have a lot of answers .. they are as convincing as the answer to the question "Do ghosts exist?" ... :D

wildflower said...

mind sharing them??