It’s a bit too late for a review, I know, but still I can’t stop myself from writing a one.I cannot find out whyt a film like “haasil” flopped.In a previous entry about ‘fanaa-destroyed in love’
I had given a hint regarding my inablility to like a single movie.I liked this one but-‘haasil’; after maye be ‘rang de basanti’.(To the dissapointment of many of you people ,I found even ‘rdb’ a little boring-but that’s another story).So my recent favourite was showed on dd national last Friday night.It stars jimmy shergil and a gal of unknown origin(‘coz I just remembered her face,her name had been wiped out of my memory,until a friend reminded me that she is da ‘asoka’ gal –hrishita bhatt.And there is Asutosh Rana(is killed before the interval) and of course ,Irfan Khan.All that escapes my lips when I think about him is –“woow!!!”

Why I liked the film? Well there are various reasons:
# The modest setting of the film,in some obscure small town(probably bihari or uttar pradeshi) with some university resembling a palace or something of that kind whicht invokes the whim to sink back into ages.I would have really loved it to be there.I don’t happen to like the Karan Johar kinda stuff these days.
#The man who plays jimmy’s nagging (I tried to use the mildest word around)dad asking questions and questions and only questions;dads are eggjactly like that!
#The very pragmatic love story(I have always appreciated naïve ones),shows how exactly young people in India’s huge middle class fall in love .It always starts with a letter and ends with one.And there is the song ‘ankhein to hoti hai dil ki zubaan’ -the eyes voice the heart.The rest of it ,again has been forgotten.
#And of course Irfan Khan (“woow!!!”).The wrinkles around his eyes paint him the shrewd shylock he plays,dialogues said with so much of precision, with malice and of course a touch of reality in them.And I liked the way he shot people ,dead,impulsively.
#Though this might sound kiddish,yet another reason was the happy ending-‘all is well that ends well’.The reassuarance that jimmy is not gonna end up in jail,when the CM pardons him for having murdered Irfan.This was because while all politicians are goondas first and then politicians ,our CM saab had been a school headmaster first.
#And then because of the villains uttering dailogues like ‘mouke ki nazzakat ko samjho’and ‘I like artists’.
#I will wind up writing a little about the climax scene that actually has compelled me to write this.
I can’t exactly translate the feelings into the perfect words ,but it made me realise that the feeling of being loved must have been wonderful.I felt jealous of the couple.
Our hero jimmy, hates tying his shoelace throughout the film ‘coz he thinks it to be a sheer waste of time.But at the end on his lady love’s saying so,he ties it.The idea behind I guess is that, he ties himself to hrishitta ,and that the free bird youth of his comes to end-as it time to settle down.

Some north-east guy has directed ‘haasil’(again a friend told me)-I din’t care to find out his name.
Hats off to him(though I am not wearing one,lol).But films like ‘haasil’ are rarely made these days…


Nikamma said...

haasil was a sleeper hit.
and yes there exists a bias in the industry (no authority with me to say that but still) and us the viewers to favor certain "types" of movies. I must admit. I didnt find it much inviting at first glance. And I think not many ppl did either.
even if KANK is complete waste of 3hrs, I m sure it will get a better opening than any budding director's movie. No matter wat.

PS: I absolutely hate Karan Johar.

ashona111 said...

hmmm ... why u didnt like RDB but ???

i watched haasil after reading ur blog .... and thanx that such a movie didnt go unseen by me ...

anyways ... we are Indian people .. we dont want to see reality from prehistoric times ....

and u cant go against 90% of people who watch Karan Johar's movies ... when u will have a family of ur own .. and that too in-law members of family .. then u will also watch Karan Johar's movies along with Ekta Kapoor's tele series ... and who said such types of movies are not made ...

Hazaron Khwaishen Aisi
1947 Earth
Main Meri Patni Aaur Woh
Dil Se
Page 3
Mr. and Mrs Iyer
Raghu Romeo

blah blah blah ...

to cut the list short . any movie of Shyam Benegal, Rahul Bose, Ritupurno Ghosh, Nandita Das, Aparns Sen, Mira Nair, Shekhar Kapoor and the list continues ...

well the movie had good love story with no mobile phones and no restaurants and no parks ...

keep writting .... :)