whoz me?

It has been a long time I stopped thinking about myself. I have immersed myself in this world , thinking about people who hardly matter to me. I give them too much of importance.No one matters to me , but me.I’m my world.I’m my world.
I will live my life,unaffected by outsiders.I’m my life.Nothing from outside the frontiers of my mind will matter for me.And I am a believer of the free soul.So I will never cage mine.I’l let it fly free,free from all chains/bonds into the blue unknown,unfazed by the noise of the people who don’t matter.No one matters.
Let my soul fly like a falcon,over the barren desert perching wherever ,if it gets tired.Fly fly and fly away, beyond the last blue mountain.I’l be myself.I,Me,Myself.

I have run enough.Now I want to rest.I have cried enough.It’s high time now.And all my tears have dried.I have never had who either understood their value,or ever tried to wipe them out.Never.No one.

If I start pouring out my woes,my life will end,but ,my thing wouldn’t get over.
Most people have an affinity towards the good things about life-cheer,love,light,affection.One of the best writers I have come across(at times I despise him for his womanising skills) Khushwant Singh,says he has the calibre to feel hatred—he would ,if he could ,murder (of the first degree)all the people he hated with all his venom.

I am much like that—but the feeling is not hatred ,its pain.I can feel pain,even in the happiest moments of my life.Pain is not just a feel.
Pain is another woman who breathes within me.She never leaves me alone.She pokes her nose into every moment that I live.I can’t live without her either.She is the ember who keeps the fire in my hearth burning,my heart beating.

At times I want to leave myself and her behind,and surrender,surrender to the divine ,die.Yes,I want to die at times.And I’m always waiting, with arms outstreched, for the divine hug .