i hate being nostalgic.

it's all about those sultry sweaty afternoons meandering into my mind long after they are gone .when i am helpless with the thought that i can never get back my past.i can never go back.

nostalgia is also about rainy ,gloomy evenings.the joy of the rain washing the virgin earth.and the intoxication of the smell that so emanates.

nostalgia is about peeping from some corner of my window to get a glimpse of the full moon.its about star less nights.its about dreams that never met reality.

nostalgia is about the wind blowing through my hair.its about the endless greens that surrounded me,long ago.about the tranquil waters of the pond nearby.

about the cuckoo calling from the coconut and my whim to rush out and meet him.

nostalgia is about all that is lost,it's about pain and tears that have dried's about my past.

but i will recall something i had read long ago

the past is not dead
the past is not even the past...


Bishwanath Ghosh said...

Am a nostalgia-specialist, that's why my nose dragged me here... But you are too young for nostalgia! :)

Amrita Sabat said...


beautiful xpression.

almost made me nostalgic.......

Anonymous said...

"the past is not even the past"says it all, I ditto that!