Black and White

I was thinking about colours.And then thought that i would rather have it in my blog.Colours add to the charm of the things .Colours generate a hunger to live.Colours have more significance in our lives than we know.We owe so much to them.So much.

I have not seen much of colourless things.So they can trap me better.

Black and white!I dont think they are colours.And many of you people will agree.This piece is dedicated to these two intriguing characters that have arrested my mind since last night -- Black and White.

Well not many of us have seen the black and white television.I should have been born a little earlier or may be a lot idea absolutely!!!So I never cared to visualise life without colour.Never had the time to...nor the interest.

Last night I went to the market(and came back all drenched) to repair my cycle.When the job was being done i strolled into a bookstall and started browsing through all the magazines,as if i could buy them all.I asked for India Today and Outlook.Din't feel like giving up forty bucks(20 for each).And then saw something new.

A magazine.I think I have forgotten what it was called(bless my memory!!!).I din't even wink before shelling out 50 bucks just for a caption that adorned its cover --"let me be me".I got it home.

And the first thing I did today moring after I opened my eyes was see all that it had.Something about the childhood of an indian girl--"little women-Dayanita Singh's photographss flash a light on Indian girlhood. " All of them were black and white.Not a tinge of colour anywhwere.And along with that the black letters gave me a feeling--I was sinking into them.

Thay had Indian girls,of course.But along with them were people indian girls cannot do without--other women ...mothers,grannies.

The dearth of colour made me think more and more.It directed my attention to the soul of what i was looking at.Now that I was just not looking at,I had begun observing.

I fell for the expressions that the eyes of the characters in withheld.Some said they were utterly satisfied with whatever.Some said they were exalted with their lives as a whole and desperately wanted to show it on their faces.Many had supressed feelings of anguish,pain,fear.Neatly supressed in some corner of those catchy eyes.

Many had raised eyebrows.All of them had questions.Innumerable!

Well, as I try to wind up, the name of the magazine comes back to me marie clarie.

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