not original 2

No,I can’t let you go,not like this,with tear filled eyes,like someone you are not.You know,you mean my life to me and more .Don’t go and leaving me behind to cry alone ,don’t go.For the sake of my undying love ,don’t go;come back,please,come back.
But what if you don’t come back?
I shall never let you die in my heart.I will cherish you like nothing less than a part of my life, remember you as a phase I never wanted to overcome, a time I never wanted to leave behind,as a person I always loved and wanted to be loved by.You were not a passing fancy,or a fad.You were an aspect of my thoughts, which is sans boundaries .And my feelings for you ,are a reflection of what I am.A bundle of joy ,I am at loss of words,and can’t say more…..


ashona111 said...

now comes the e-Way of proposing and saying sorry and accepting proposals ... WOW .. hope he/she reads this and understands ....

Amrita Sabat said...

touchin piece.

even i hope dat person reads & understands all dis dat u've written.....

oderwise...y dnt u say it??!

Anonymous said...

I really love all your early posts...They are so emotionally charged... There is something really very special, a sense of innocence in these old posts which I just cannot see in your new stuff (hence why I keep coming back here). I feel (..and it's just a personal feeling to me) that there is a sense of disillusionment which has crept into your life in the past few years maybe?
Whatever the reason DM, you are a very special person and I wish you the word sweetheart.
Take care and be well.