like a cart wheel--

muscles shrink
skin wrinkles

no more
no more
the shackles
the bloody
four walled

the cheeks
wet with
with tears
the heart
drenched in

but sweat
like silver
shines on
and adorns
those no-more
meek shoulders

cries unheared
robbed and raped

no more
no more
she stands
the sun
and skin
turns tawny

out on
the streets
she sells
her body
her flesh
her love and labour

a voice
that speaks
shouts for
not an enigma
not a charisma

but a woman
who runs the world
like a cart wheel

i donot rememeber which one....but on some internatioanl women's day...i saw some program on the tv...which inspired this poem....


ashona111 said...

:( ... -:x .... :) ... nice ...

wildflower said...

dint get ya emoticons right...