she smiled a lot. and when she smiled she could feel her dimples form. she
could feel her strands of hair stray to her face. she purposefully left
them intact. until the wind played with them yet again. kept throwing
them on an off her face. her dimples formed and unformed. she kept trying
to find out if her left cheek dimpled. she wondered how she had two cheeks
but one dimple. just one..

he swayed from this side of the road to that. there must have been some
song playing in his mind. he had never planned for this night. stranded a little
before middle of the night. a mildly cold night. waving to every rare cab
that passed by. and looking back at her and smiling distinctly after one more
cabbie betrayed them..

i wonder if she could see his smile. it was dark. the only light being that of
billboards on top of buildings in and around. neither could he see her dimple
form and unform. but he was aware of the distinct one on the right cheek.
faint yet there. and he probably loved it.

this went on till one cabbie relented to take them home for the night.
on the way, she wanted the typical music playing..the late night long drive
instrumental one. music that suited the moods of a drunken city. besides hers
and his.

when they brushed past the winds, the silent streets snored. the music
inside the cab only danced, causing a sort of a furore.

the wait had been long. wait for a cold rain or probably snow. the signs began
to show as they travelled deeper into the night. the wait seemed to end now.

they wondered if it snowed ,would they have to stand the whole night under
a tin sheet, or something? waiting for it to get day.

as it got only colder, on the way, the only warming effect came from the
presence of each other. she laughed..often irresistibly. and every now and
then he kept looking at her.

and that's how they reached home that night. Period
Disclaimer: It so appears that some have a problem with my writing. Such people may kindly


................your's entirely said...

...even I have a problem with your writing.....I like it way too much :)

....BTW why did you name the post "Hiatus" ??

wildflower said...


writing this was sort of a Hiatus for me, like I was almost her..

precisely why i chose to end it with a Period.

ani_aset said...

:) nice easy comfortable feeling after reading this one.. light very light :)

aria said...

this brought a smile.. but then I also ended up holding my heart with both hands :)

wildflower said...

@ ani_set ..
did it fly off like a feather? as light ;) ?

@ aria
mus tell yu.. i luv yr name ..
an about holding the heart in the hands..sometimes i have it my mouth these days ..

anirudh said...

unimaginably beautiful...!

my praise for ur writing mustve become a cliche by now haina..!

wildflower said...

nope, smthins never get cliche'd u shd knw..