1:23 AM

Sometime ago I found the guy who justifies this poem about the fictitious biker~lover. I relished those moments of knowing him and telling myself that the weirdest of words can by a feeble chance of fate become true. I have a world of work to do. I have but not idea why I am writing this instead. So I just am, giving it a go. Chewing happydent keeps me happy. Like there were a certain tonic for happyness. I'm looking around like an insane woman forit. I have realized some truths about myself. And I want a live in harmony with these. May the force be with me. I am trying to use less 'I's in this post to prove that I am trying to be less obsessed with myself and convince myself that I am beginning to recognize there exists a world outside my mind. But I can't help it. This blog (of mine) is all about sad love, supposedly. So let me define it: Love is when Familiarity breeds love and strictly not contempt as she usually does. I seriously hope you got my previous statement. Now nod. Personally things that are vague enamour me out & out. Professionally such things make way for disgust. Now that's split personality. Wonder how I live with one contradiction inside me and surrounded by another. I live in a hilly city and it never stops raining. So I have learnt the art of sharing my umbrella with strangers, complete ones and incomplete ones. I am tired of jargon. I hate jargon. Indifference has been the most bejewelled of attitudes. It still is. Fascinations: tango, venice, dubai, smoke, red eyes, empty streets, roof~top restr@s. Roof~top restaurants because I found one tonite. It overlooks my hilly city, full of lights, where it always rains. It gave me that feel of Cloud~9. The biker~lover guy I talked about initially and this place are linked somehow. If they are not, as of yet, I would see to it that get linked anyhow, in the future. Or else we will have an Alternate Future.
Truth happens when they meet: the yin and the yang. I am glad, I didn't miss my moment of Truth.


Vaga Bond said...

i have no idea wat this is about, but at some level, it gave me a happy feeling :)

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

I love your write ups. Its like you are sitting in front of me and talking.


A said...

..and it rained in palestine today..

Meghana Naidu said...

hey a bunch of us are totally kicked about this brand new blog,

you should write too :)

take a look


academically impaired said...

Familiarity did breed love finally :)

wildflower said...

@ Vagabond
and i wrote it for happyness ..so that justifies it !

@ Raaji
thanx ..

@ A
aw! was that sarcasm?

@ Lucky
FYI: It hasn't yet.. ideally it should :P

d gypsy! said...

I love ur way of puttin up things-straight on the face-simple

wildflower said...

@ gypsy
I love being *blunt*