You I & the Dream

Long ago you asked me what the dream of my life was/ is.

That induced some thinking, before I realized what it actually is.

There was a mountain I had climbed sometime. At the zenith, I looked at the other side of the mountain. It looked like a dream. I had seen nothing like that all my life.

And after that rendezvous, I could never get over it.

So I felt that the dream of my life was to spend a night on the crest of that mountain, star staring. Out in the cold. Out in the dark. Sitting all through the night. Staring at that Dream.

Later, I came back to you to tell you that this is what the dream of my life was/ is..

Then you asked/told, 'And you want to spend the night up there with me.'

I said, 'No .. Alone .. all Alone..'


PS :One thing I seem to have realized is that I am just too cynical to be worthy of Love.
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kunal said...

i feel sorry for the poor guy, he dint choose the words properly. i guess he should have asked/told ' whenevr u feel like climbing atop, i am there to take u on a to and fro trip'.
one must not try to occupy space in others dreams untill invited.

ps: a beautiful rendezvous like that is even my dream, and thanks for making me realise about that

Ketan said...


You'll never be able to decide for someone else if you're worthy of their love or not. You can't help it if someone falls in love with you; but yes, you can surely help them fall out of love! ;)

Since, you've said something very similar in your post--Dini-II, I'll ask you something similar to what I was trying to convey through my comments therein:

Did you notice, that guy wanted to be a part of specifically your dreams (assuming his love for you was sincere)?

But do excuse me, if by one night in your post, you only meant spending a little time away from him, and his question only indicated his reluctance to let you be free even for a few moments. In which case, your irritation could be understood.

And Eva honestly, if you're getting even mildly irritated by my trying to make you see things through the 'other' perspective, please do let me know. I won't mind. I'm not a part of "B+ve"-brigade, if you get what I mean. Though, my blood group is indeed B+ve! Many people consider me hyper-cynical, anyway. :)

anirudh said...

oh gosh

d gypsy! said...

u and ur way :)

wildflower said...

@ kunal space matters to me the most~

@ ketan
I hate the B+ve people
I like indifferent people
I love cynical people
hope i'm clear

@ anirudh
hmm..i get it :P

@ gypsy
thanks/! :)

anirudh said...

glad u did

ani_aset said...

answer by the girl i would say :)

whencatrawman said...

Not being part of someone's dream is better than someone whisking away parts of your dream. You never know when those stolen pieces will come to haunt you !

You are the inspiration for my latest post ! Love your writing.

wildflower said...


Pied Piper said...

i am going thru ur blog after quite sumtym but i mst say am jst as mch mesmerized by dis post as i was during my earlier mch in so little a space is such masterly wrk..
but having said so i'm very critical of the statement made by the guy...(if he actually meant wat is depicted)...coz it seems a bit outrageous and spoils d flow of the otherwise beautiful description...and it can be seen as a nasty abberation to the smooth, free flowing thoughts of the girl, which negate the actual reasons for the girl's denial to the "offer"...
keep up d gud wrk..:)

wildflower said...

i prefer guys who are pretty more literal..