..One muted Sound

But I never thought she would die so Soon
So soon
But she did

I never could never think writing about her
Exactly what her death is making me do

In the last few days
She had been going blind
I din't know
I din't care to know, honestly
Why should I
Poke my nose into business
Thats' just not mine

She won't look at us
Coz' she cun't see us
With her blind eyes

I dont' do earings, I cant'
they so remind me of what she was
and what she was to me

Sleep eluded me so
those nights of her death
Benumbed with Shock
I couldnt' bear to forget
the distinct contours
of her face

The face
her slight squint
those hanging cheeks
the chin dimple
oil-dipped hair..
thin hair
weird hair
weird memories
memories that dont' want to be forgotten

that come back for randome seconds
and stay, daylong
sometimes nightlong

they don't leave me
she dont' leave me

those who depart
why at all they do..


aria said...

I connect to this in a strange way .. as I was quite close to getting blind once (literally) the last few lines leave a lingering shadow.. I wish I knew 'her' more.

ani_aset said...

very touching wildflower. God bless "her". superbly written, conveys every emotion one could feel with "her"

wildflower said...


somethings are born to be short lived..while it still takes time for me to come to terms with a loss as gigantic as that..there is no other way but to bow down,surrender..and i honestly i wish i had known her more..better..

@ ani_set
... ... ...
there are many things words can achieve..& bringing her back is one of them..