Shoot the Moon

last night when i evaluated the magnitude of dearth in my life, i decided to take a walk, though it was long past midnight. i was walking alone and alone and then i was also looking at the moon which was showing itself more distinctly than usual. i was actually staring at the moon and walking, rather than looking in front. and it was jaw droppingly cold. rib-shakingly cold. i hid my hands in the pockets of my coat and kept walking, on and on till i could walk no more. no, it was not me who got tired. but the road finished. i stood almost at the end of my world, staring out into the world that wasn't mine. my patience ended, then and there. i could stare no more. all stings that had tied me till yet loosened. i evaluated the magnitude of dearth in my life, even more.

a need is a state of perennial deprivation. and there is no assurance that it can be pacified by means human. it is just there because it's there. the causes of mine are unknown. so pacification is an impossibility, almost. and this is what makes the hole a lot more bigger, and the dearth, more life stakingly, patheticalling and cruelly, looms larger than life.

when you don't know what is it that your hands are looking out for and you are in the dark, then your hands try to feel every damn thing that they come across. and then you ask yourself if this is the thing you were actually looking for. since you don't know what you were looking for it takes a long torturous journey to convince yourself that that is the not the thing you were looking for. this i swear i hard, it is hard to death, coaxing yourself to believe, yes it is.

and this is what i was doing last night, standing at the end of my world, staring at the moon till i could no more and letting the cold enter my skin, my bones, my soul. i wanted to know if cold could numb, of not heal. and was stretching my hands out in the open like waiting for an embrace. till i could, no more. any more.

so i turned back, holding myself close, really close and slept for the night, last night 

and today morning i thought of this

..i love you in reds and in blues
your cheekbones that standout when you so smile
the way you walk
like you are swaying
or flying
the sound of your laughter
and the depth of your voice..
it hurts to even think of you
to let you enter my sphere of perception
you are like a curse
but i cant help myself..

i just love you in reds and in blues


(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

ahh this is so beautiful. I can so relate :-)

................your's entirely said...

groping for things in our way.....trying them...testing them and finally forsaking them.....

...why is life so unsure??

d gypsy! said...


I love walks...they pacify one, I feel... nyhow. I found a lot of questions in here and i think m gonna look for their answers

aria said...

I've been there..
and I had also been here once before.. you write beautifully .. almost picturesque and every image seems to be etched with deep feelings..

wildflower said...

.....guess i succeeded in coaxing myself to believe..thank all the gods in the heavens for that..