Insane Again..

I write when I am possessed
Totally overwhelmed
I write because
I can’t help it
I write it out because
There is no other way out but words
I write out of a compulsive obsession
I write to get rid of

But now
There is kind of a
Gossamer of thoughts
Inside me
And the thing I realize is that
I am sad
Very sad
Irreversibly sad
And I can’t dissect my feelings to
Find out what fundamental feelings
They are made of

Life is pro’ly
Seasoning me
Fate is pro’ly
Getting ready to unveil
Colors like
Flashy red, distant violet
And shades of grey
Thick prominent thick
Shades of grey

Now it’s hard for me
I can’t let things
So foreign sink in
So easily into
This delicate my being

I know
Sooner or later
Grey and indifference will
Rule me

One day
Sooner the better
This gossamer of thoughts
Will give up and
Into all that it’s made of
To show me
Bare skin

And that day
I will find some way
To be
Happy again.



gypsy said...

i wanna say-the feeling is mutual :)

gypsy said...

mutual feelings, bt as always u put them straight :)

WritingsForLife said...

oh I love this!!!! :-)

A said...


ani_aset said...

:) what went wrong this time :)

wildflower said...

@ gypssy
yes as usual.. the feelins r mutual .. :) its gud to hv u arnd

@ Raaji

@ A
ty ty ;)

@ ani_set
LoL! evry damn thing is wrong by default..! :D

aria said...

"I write it out because
There is no other way out but words"

I know. I know.