4 am thoughts!

Twenty-three mutual friends in fb..
seventeen common connections on linkedin..
I must've known yu before
Come across ye by a random chance of fate
Should've heard people talk of yu
Had a hint that yu existed..
Or vice~versa..

we've lived in the same city
i've walked the earth you've walked
Sure must've brushed past each other
once atleast..

once some obscure friday evening
when i must've been busy shopping
or waiting for movie tickets

We must've met at cross roads
waited at traffic signals together
Must've drenched ourselves
in the same first rain
some forgettable day of earlyJune
some year

But it's a wonder
how life conspires to keep apart
two obvious soul~mates
and plays its secret games

builts a wall of glass in between
fills the air with fog, on both sides
and it takes a hell of time
for that fog to condense
and slide down as water, drop after drop

and it took long lonely years
for me
to see the faint contours of yur face
on the other side
to come to know of your existence
and assure myself of assured company

twenty~two years one month nineteen days four hours and seven minutes
to be precise!


aria said...

it reads, as if, you are talking.. yeah.. it is that effortless .. the way your words follow thoughts.. penultimate para was most touching.

Anirudh 'Lallan' Choudhry said...

to be precise... wow...!!

Lucifer said...

this is a reallt nice blog n wat a fantastic post

Vaga Bond said...

beautiful !!

wildflower said...

the wait was equally tortuous!


thnx 4 visitin' :)

hmm.. i know :P

................your's entirely said...

24 years,6 months, 7 days, 9 hours and 16 months...and stil counting...to be precise... :)

Romi Jain said...

unable to find appropriate word, can say only,simply amazing :)

wildflower said...

..your's entirely
so fingers crossed :D

ur name reminds of sum1.. :)

skeptic saint said...

loved it...:)

abhijit sarkar said...

strange. It seemed i was reading my diary entry had i written one . The post is sincere and honest and it shook me . what else can a reader ask for

wildflower said...

but lemme steer clear of any plagiarism! :)

Anonymous said...

Add these lines too :P

We must have applied the same pythagoras formula
We must have read the same Newton laws
We must have written A, B, C, D as A, B, C, D
We must have used same NATRAJ company eraser

But it's a wonder how life conspires to keep apart two obvious soul~mates and plays its secret games

wildflower said...

Pretty sure I did all that with you as well.. read the same ABCD and stuff. But you're not that obvious soul~mate, right? He is!

esha said...

beautiful :)

Miss D said...

Anyone can relate to this and smile... and would want someone special to read it... :-)

Miss D said...

So lucid... So beautiful
Anyone would want their special someone to read this :-)

D2 said...

wildflower, you have read my thoughts and written them down precisely (only the age differs).
In fact, the one who showed this post to me was the one I would have written it for (had I written it).
Beautiful. Loved it. :)

wildflower said...

Glad u liked it :)

Writing it doesn't make sense anymore, now that you found her! hi5! :D

Rain Girl said...

this is the loveliest thing o have read off late

Anonymous said...

How beautiful this is, I’m left breathless...You are truly one of the last true romantics. This was a treat to read.
I never tire from reading you...and wait in anticipation from reading each new post you write.
Take care, God bless and be well.

wildflower said...

Lasy true romantic. I would gowith that. This poem is how I met the biggest debacle of my life. Yet, that's alrite.