once Upon stilettos..!

did you graduate?

mm? ||surprise takes over my face||

or in the final year?

Uh..nope. i did.. '09

okay! cool

yeah. very

it's been two years.. you lose track of thins ||matteroffactly||

yep i know ||stupid grin-you keep jumblin up the girls yu met-for future ref: pls remember

there is only one order ..chronological||

so where is it that you work? ||obviousness again-yu'r sure about everythin uh||

oh no place unfortunately has had the privilege to have me workin fothem.. || forced smile||

||he breaks into sly laughter|| an why so?

caz equally unfortunately i'vn had the privilege to work fothem..

||silence-mild questionin eyez||

still studyin.. masters


yeah.. ||purely an powerfully smilin now-sayin that 'yeah' thrice inside my mind or more||

NB: Your life is the collection of people you'v met. An' so is mine. An' it neen't be any other
way but this. I'l live with the meanagerie they'v creat-ed inside me.


Amandeep Singh said...


Hellos - how you doing madam?

All busy in MBA?

Old Monk said...

Jumbling up the girls you met....attempt to cover up confusion-right? Typical situation..well brought out.

aria said...

"there is only one order ..chronological"

cheeky ..
ohh yeah the menagerie.. it keeps multiplying ..

A said...

i second aria :)

wildflower said...

yea..thnx to yu :D

..Old Monk
thnky.. but i never confuse the people i meet

it does..sumtyms it sucks but when i look at it as some of kind of an album-of-life..it doesn as much

& i second yu :)

Unknown said...

"there is only one order, chronological"

Love the wit! :)