the happiness woman..

trying to move on from one inconsequential incident to another, on the way, i ceased and noticed the woman that happiness is. her eyes are small, yet happy. the upper reaches of her cheeks bulge slightly, the lower ones form a hollow to contrast. the lips so fall in a valley. a pink curve of delicate flesh, her lips. tiny gold hangs from the left ear i can see. she has all her hair taken on the right shoulder. they are a little awry. the wind must've done that. but the hair are pitch black and she is white fair. there has settled a smile on her face. it is the reflection of the smile on her soul. there is a scarf of all red wrapped around her neck. the scarf floats in the mild wind. the smile is so fixed on her face that there is not a sign of fluidity. and her eyes are black..

happiness woman has black eyes


Desire has green eyes..

but What color are mine?


(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

beautifully said. I suppose its the sparkle in the eyes that comes from happiness that make any eyes look beautiful :-)

aria said...

Some of us have our own unique colors :)

what a beautiful way to describe the 'happiness woman'

Vaga Bond said...

The "Happiness Woman" is you and me, and she and she ... someday!

................your's entirely said...

The happiness woman sees happiness...whatever the eye color be...

...I have posted something on my blog....would love to get a comment by you on it :)

wildflower said...

@ Raaji
and there is nothing as beautiful as happiness ..

@ aria
hm..unique colors.. mine are black..they absorb all the other colors alive~

@ Vagabond
yeah an the hope of that someday survives me and you too..

@ ...your's entirely

wildflower said...
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