I am a seasoned stoic.
And in this I see my only Bliss

I write not because it is my passion
But because it is my only respite.


Mayz said...

ahhh felt like i wrote that

Keshi said...

wow I really love what u wrote. It's true for me too.

Although now I hv stopped writing...maybe it will be my only respite some day again...

tnxx for visiting my blog!


Old Monk said...

This one hit on the spot. Very well written. Short, yet powerful.

wildflower said...

@ Mayz
feels good to have a sum1 like that readin this..!

@ Keshi
& thanx for visitin mine :)

@ Old Monk
Thanks dude~

BrAiN FrEEzE said...

4 lines and it says a lot!! beautifully written....