taken away

me: are you upset?
K: not a bit.
me: honestly?
K: if there is a thing mundane that still has the power to upset you then you aren't quite accustomed to life as it is.
me: oh! but you could simply tell me what happened instead of playing a word game.
K: let's not analyze and evaluate the situation this way. everythin fades. everythin needs a little bit of time to do so.
me: you want me to leave you alone?
K: no.
me: ok..

Pause..Long Pause

me: imagine you are on a highway..
K: okay..then?
me: the sunset is getting closer and you're alone
K: so..
me: So, do you want music of any kind?
K: Yeah..!
me: any song in particular?
K: No, I don't want music..
me:and do you want to move a little back in time?
K: where is that supposed to taken me?
me: to the afternoon we left behind.
K: alright..afternoon
me: It's cloudy now..had been sunny day. Do you hear any sounds?
K: yes of course, there are others zooming past..
me: and they are honking..that sound stretches across the air and stays with you for some seconds after its gone..
K: yeah..
me: but you're takin it slow..
K:yeah I am very tired of speed. Genuinely tired of it..
me: and so you're sticking to the edge of the highway, letting others leave you behind and not caring a bit about it.
K: yeah..not caring a bit about it..
me: do you like what you see?
K: I see tall trees on both sides..merging on top of the road
me: like forming a canopy/
K: I see fields of lush green..of probably paddy
me: and you want to get down and find for yourself?
K: yeah..

short Pause..

K: they have been watered sometime back, i think. that moisture has drenched the air
me: and that air you breathe in..isn't it enlivening?
K: Let's get back on the highway? I want a walk
me: can you see the milestone? what does it say?
K: Can't read. It's dark now. Don't care to read. Not all distances wants to be measured..
me: Do you know your destination?
K: No
me: you're walking away on the highway. And now the sunset is approaching. Cars with their headlights on zoom in and out of vision, blinding you for a while, and in between yu see the the road ahead in a semi-lit darkness.
me: Very few things matter to you now. You can see through life..

Pause..Long Pause

K: you there?
me: -jerked out of sleep- are you done?

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wildflower said...

for the record, even the guy i wrote this for, dint get an idea, forget others! phew!