~ hope i've spelt the title correctly, there are some things yu can almost never fix and get done with, once-and-for-all

~When put inside a decision box]
I end up takin impassioned decisions
instead of correct decisions
I haven been brave enuf

/More often than not
my decisions have chosen me\
instead of vice versa..

I don't regret caz it's too tirin
Too drainin
and takes a weekend to recover
I let my mistakes be
Never ask!

~this is the last time i'm talking about trees on my blog, lemme get done with it.

i realised it when i heard my cell ring
had been standing in the middle of the world
lookin at a tree,
i'm livin in autumn, tis heaven
the concerned tree has turned yellow
i.e. golden for me
an it's standin upright in the sun
an sheddin its leaves, one-by-one
they are free-fallin
an i've been standin there
trynu to feel the free fall of the leaf of gold
until my cell rang

~Sometimes i wonder i wonder where i am headed
I am not sleeping nights
And oversleeping throughout afternoons into nights
Waking up more sickly and sour-mouthed
teary~eyed, guilty for letting sleep seduce me..

~ All my life I ran not a race
but one
All my life I ran this rat race/
I have been dragggin my feet on the
Road that seemingly isn't takine me some/nowhere

~ finally but one tribute to my undyin yU..!
i looked for you in the tunnels of the dark, and in the chambers of my heart, but nowhere were you to be found. totally nowhere, absolutely nowhere. then i sort of made it a point to kill my passion and to rarely think of you. then i made it a point never to fall in love ever again. then i saw to it that nothing moved me the way you did. nothing drove me to tears like you did. noone lived in my heart, the way you did. no one even came close to breaking my heart the way you did. you did\

~ things aren workin out an i'm growin all the more indifferen to their not workin out

~ pro'ly i'm just trying to help masel..

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aria said...

"I don't regret caz it's too tirin
Too drainin
and takes a weekend to recover
I let my mistakes be
Never ask!"

loved this one..

the tree was searing and brilliant..

the ode to sleep was again something I relate to :) and finally the 'you' ; eloquent .. worth 2-3 reads.