Cloud 9

how much of it does matter? it doesn't right? people and stupid parties..dim lights and stupid games. only thing expected of her is tolerance. every other such night she went out in, she honed her skill of patience..and sat still and sat like that till she froze. in that lost corner of the hall, she was pushed awake by her own name called out aloud. couples announced for a silly game of paper dance. what! yeah. a silly game of paper dance. why did such games even exist? though she ne'er found any connection, physical or metaphysical, between her and the guy, people found them fun. they always had, and so they screamed, all of them, they hooted into an uproar in which she was blinded. when awake in entirety, he spared a glance. sarcastic, suppressible laughter erupted inside her. on the floor she made it clear, she didn't know dancing and stuff and so did he. could it get any more ridiculous? dancing of all things alive and dead? uh! but she would give it a shot, like she always had. they stepped onto an innocent sheet of yellowed newspaper and stood there while others danced. u needed to dance, its a dance thing eh, not a standing thing. okay okay, we are dancing, look! the sheet folded into half, had less space to stand on. so they danced now, holding onto each others fingertips. exchanging glances, laughing out for real now, she was absolutely erupting from within. but you need to hold emotions the most when rather you would have left them out in the open naked the most. the sheet folded into another half, only one person could afford standing, she stood on his feet and they swayed, serenaded, may be. who cares? silly game of paper dance. one moment she would have tipped off had he not held her back.then she got real nervous and avoided looking into his eye. just another moment more and he wouldn't be able to take it anymore and step off the innocent sheet of newspaper, now folded beyond recognition, and chucked out the game, they would be. but he didn't, to her shock. she placed her one hand on his shoulder and the other hand was too shy, hence floated in the air. he smiled. why? her laugh reduced to a smile and then to a nothing. what on earth was she doing? when the paper was folded for the one last time, only one feet could stand. he lifting her up was the answer, but as that question didn't even exist, that would be it then. but it wasn't it, not in a bit. he said he could, he would. what! what kind of nuts are ye, kid! she whispered her weight in his ears, dude! she wouldn't ever do that, understand. let go. let me go. but no, he would make her pay the price for standing on his feet for those delicious few minutes.

one moment, they were negotiating, which way should time go. in the next she was in the air, literally and otherwise..


$uch! said...

ahhaaa....nice one :)

The Rain Crab said...

Thumbs up!

Mayz said... so she did fly :D :D :D *winks*

Lehari. said...

It left my mind with "what next ?" :)

ani_aset said...

ahan nice one wildflower :)

Mansi said...

awww.....reminds me os smethin....:-)
sweet !!!!!!!!!

Priyanka said...

Wondering if this is what happened at the party the other night.. ;) #@*^ I missed it! :)

Ashish said...


wildflower said...

@ S
thanks ra.. ;)

@ Rain Crab

@ Mayank
nope..waitin for..! :D

@ Lehari
mm.."nothing!" :)

@ Mansi
thank moi :P

@ Pri
nope..we cudn even make it to Cloud 9, din get a cab :x.. this post is in that honor :)

@ Ashish
thnks :)

wildflower said...

@ ani_set ever :D

sybarite saint said...

heyy......when this girl is so unwilling then why is she dancing there ??

wildflower said...

@ sybarite saint
smtyms ur so shy, u gotta feign a reluctance to satisfy urself :)

Anonymous said...

After she flew... Did she fell down or anyone caught her????

Kindly continue the post - Let me know what happened to her....

Did she break her knee? 6 months damage?

wildflower said...

"Did she fall down"

No she didn't. That guy must have done a good job, oh!

Krish said...

Time stood by and watched me read, with a smile all that's a privilege time rarely gives, isn't it?