every night, intoxicated by the relentless winds 
that the evening brings with itself,
when i stare out of my window
i see the moon, my moon
and write a letter to it
you say i am the mistress of words
but i am, 
a woman passionately in love

the glint in my eyes, ooze with enticement
don't they? 
the curve of the lip, hint of lust
you say i am narcissus's survivor
but i am
only a woman passionately in love

my thoughts, are luscious
virile like waves that dash with rocks
but coy as the ones that recede,
i melt in my lover's arms
you say i am a pure lunatic
but i let madness be undiluted,
i am a woman entwined in love..

eve was tricked into a temptation
i lived on as eve's dying wish..
a remnant of that yearning need..
you say i am a wildflower,
but i am 
only a woman madly in love


arvind said...

ever notice the wind always comes from the direction of the Sun or Moon.. just think of it - why it is?

lovely words.. very silken..

just cool down the hot day..

thank you - wild flower..

SammY said...

WoAAHHH!!!! wIld am tellin ya :)

Mansi said...

oh grl...oh grl!!!!
m speechless!!!!
this was sensuous....
wildflower personified!!!

Mayz said...

ok this was without doubt one of the best things i have read in long long time...simply awesome!!!

**eve was tricked into a temptation
i lived on as eve's dying wish..


wildflower said...

@ arvind
anytym ;) i shd thank yu for readin..!

@ sammY
hmm..i can c dat :P

@ Mansi
aren't all of us are sensuous ..?
btw nice pic :)

@ Mayank
:) desires are stronger than thoughts, aren't they?

goatman said...

An interrobang we used to call it: ?!

Your love is intoxicating and expressed quite well.

The Rain Crab said...

Again strong and sensuous!!!

wildflower said...

@ goatman
thnx..dinno dat :)

@ rain crab
u used 'again', so am i always like that ;)?

The Rain Crab said...

Its more like... My previous comment for one of ur posts was "Sensuous" so... i said "again... sensuous" ;)

But its nice u knw... to express all deep dark feelings so boldly!!!

wildflower said...

yea Rain..pent up feelins, can kill..

i can call yu Rain, can't I :)

The Rain Crab said...

U can call me rain... that is my real name too ;)

N!V said...

Lady..You so take my heart away with your words..This is one outstanding post again!!!

$uch! said...

woman madly in love :) True :P

wildflower said...

@ N!V
that way i shd have a collection of hearts by now ;) thnx :)

@ S
that's the way it has been since the beginning of time, and nothing unusual has happened lately ;) :P

Sorcerer said...

Coming here again.
This is fantastic..
You have a way with words

Great work!

wildflower said...

thnx Sorcerer :) glad to have u here

Sumit said...

This is the one wanted to comment on :)

It is just an awesome expression & your words just captured it to perfection.. !

wildflower said...

hmm..when everything else fails we revert to words.. :) thnx..

Soumya said...

I love it, I love it, I love it!

Who are you lady? How can you write what my heart screams out? How can you go through exactly what I go through?

How can two women, madly in love; be this hurt?!?