found & lost

We sat under an unreal sky, smells of the night engulfing us. Noises that the sea made in the creek kept us awake. I had never seen the waves hit rock, and vanish into foam. And this brought back dead dreams in my eyes. It was so beautiful. A five minute walk kept a lighthouse from us. We had been fighting over the name of his new firm, which might come into existence after he quit sometime in the future. We ran through all the complicated Sanskrit words, then French. We had come back to English for sometime. I felt like falling asleep on his shoulder, but for the noises the sea made. We leant on the cold wall of rock behind us, half way into a dreamy non-existence. Time forgot to move, probably. Or if it had moved at all, it had forgotten to take us along. Felt like 5:40, eversince. 

Let's keep no record, he said. 

It should rain, shouldn't it? It's June anyway..and the monsoons lost their way, over the sea. I wanted it to rain, so much. Dry leaves came floating, like messengers of the world that existed, somewhere away. We were fighting anyway about the name of our future, weren't we? everything had itself buffered from us.. 

After longish fights with fate, we had found each other. Hands were to be held, for now. Our journeys to each other might have been long and tortuous, but the sighs at the end, have answered my questions, all of them. 

We still couldn't figure out that name, mishchievously fighting over how we would never actually coincide. Then we would diverge again into the selves we were before we met. And safely seal the now that we were spending on a dusky afternoon awaiting the monsoon near the sea, into a memory, or better treat it as a dream that could have continued, but we had rather it didn't. 

PS: I had been waiting for a over a year to write this, but when someone told me why cant you stop thinking so much and be your age, i couldn't help it any longer!


Mayz said...

ahhh that was so beautifully penned down...

m guessin this is not fiction...or atleast parts of it...coz such emotionas can't really b bought out in fiction

Pri said...

wasn't waiting so long to write this post worth every word of it?

beautifully expressed...u do seem like a die-hard romantic! :)

~*~ Jal Pari ~*~ said...

This is so beautiful!

I love your posts. You are truly a gifted writer.

Keep penning!

wildflower said...

@ Mayank
tht happens in ma case :P ..fortunately/unfortunately I am that imaginative ;)

@ Pri
I am! Every cell in me is, though I deny it all the more..

@ Jal Pari
i am truly make me feel special, thankyou :)

@ Everyone,
thereis a logical dissonance in this post. it is night, dusk & afternoon @ the same time..5:40. wouldn want to change it. Apologies!

$uch! said...

hmmmmm :)


very cute post

N said...

Oh wow. beautiful. Some sentences from the post keep resonating in my head!

'A 5 minute walk kept the lighthouse from us' - says a lot! :)

My first time here, its gonna be a happy sunday afternoon!

wildflower said...

@ S
mmm .. buy 1 get 3 free :P

@ kamonashish

@ N
luvly name u have :)

sybarite saint said...

sooooooo beautiful...i felt like m reading some excerpt of a good romantic novel.

wildflower said...

@ sybarite saint
romance looks so good on paper.. :)

DreamCatcher said...


wildflower said...

thanx Saahil :)

DreamCatcher said...

re read.. i guess this is ur one of the best composition..i so loved it

commited to life said...

beautifully expressed..
liked the way you made mundane thng like finding a name for comp sound so romnatic
i guess thats the beautly of love.. u see everythng in rose tinted glass..

p.s was just by

wildflower said...

hmm.. hope ur opinion of my best post, keeps changing ;)

Committed to life
thankee..rose tinted glass, i like dat!

Anonymous said...

@n... what is the Resonance frequency ?

@sybarite saint... What so called ROMANTIC novels did u read b4 reading this post?

@DreamCatcher.... Hope you understand that this isn't any music to compose... She just penned / wrote :P

wildflower said...

Oh I dint pen or write. All I did was type

wildflower said...

And yeah I do understand all the frustrations in your life and express my empathy. But please don't trash romance this way. It's the only imaginary refuge of the many like me/us!