though i have never read him, but i am quite the antithesis of what Shakespeare was. i believe in names. names don't matter when i am with the person. they are a like a reluctant grain of sand in the eye once i am estranged. names haunt me, Shakespeare, if you're listening. they do.

the last time i wrote about koel, something must have had me. this is a furtherance of that something. i like calling certain people by their names, the tangy noises they make inside my mind, oh.

one name and i however have somehow never parted ways. it kept re-entering my life after
every interval of a year or two, stayed for sometime, before making an exit, sometimes silent, sometimes sad, sometimes ..

the first kid of that name was one back in school who told me he had a tiny crush on me. it was embarassing and frightening at the same time. we never talked after that, until one day i heard him playing the guitar and became a total fan. i love the guitar, bytheway..

the second person of the name was my proverbial soulmate. time ran out of us, when we talked. thinking like a sane mind now, it frightens me how two individuals connect on every plane possible. two people who could only agree..'yeah..i know..i have been there..i can't agree more..oh'

the third, didn't last much and is hence not worth mentioning..

the last one. the final one. feels like yesterday that i ran into him. on one of those confusing lanes of destiny that bring strangers together, gift them the most breathtaking times of their lives. and break them apart in a way that has the suddenness of a bloodless massacre, the shock of a climactic apocalypse, and the savagery a storm that is followed by a neverending lull.

so i believe in names. a lot..because some are just so stupidly ominous, i can't even tell ya..what it was..


Mayz said...

u cud give this script to farhan akhtar for his next movie after karthik calling karthik

wildflower said...

why wudn i make one maself ;)

ani_aset said...

interesting topic and even more interesting far has guitar love gone so far ;)