my escape feels good. for these times, i have been hiding myself from the world, i have felt safe. blame it on my lack of courage, or the fact that i give up very soon on somethings. but living alone, in a dark cold forgotten corner makes me peaceful. i was probably tired of answering questions. and looking for the answers i found this place. my refuge. where i rest shrouded in absolute silence. needs that were so earlier, have vanished now. i don't even want to speak a word, lest it destroy my silence, the one i so love. i have understood, yeah. and i wish to breathe with this understanding. sitting here, clutching my knees close to my heart, crying hot tears sometimes, consoling myself at others, i have learnt to accept destiny. my destiny. and i have not the slightest inclination to share this with any second soul.

So invisible  is the way i shall be..for now & forever!


The Rain Crab said...

I wish i am invisible too :)
liked it! could relate to it!

$uch! said...

finally haaa....

sybarite saint said...

this one is a wonderful piece of writing.someone who has ever felt depressed or sad can easily relate to it.....u have succeeded in tracking the thought process of someone who is feeling depressed.

Mayz said...

forver is a strong word to use at the end of such a post...probably now...but r u serious abt forever??

wildflower said...

@ Rain Crab
thats d most i cud ask for.. :)

@ S

@ aditi
btw i am not depressed..tho the pic m8 have depicted that ..

@ Mayank
is my silence deafening someone here ? hmm.. but smtyms u can see d future.. & i have seen mine..

arvind said...

u r at your roots.. under the earth..

when u flower - u need the help of other soul..

atleast u have the courage to accept..

its lovely and this one takes me too to your world of silence.

(¯`•._.•[Raajii]•._.•´¯) said...

aw.... I dont know if that is the best approach. I have been down that road and realized that numbing the pain makes it even worse when you finally feel it.

Thank you for the lovely birthday wishes! Your thoughtful acts make my day.

wildflower said...

@ arvind
thnx for being so compassionate..appreciate that so much much!

@ raaji
my wishes were str8 from the heart :)