Men in my Life -5

There is a sense of shame that I associate with this particular title. But mostly as about other things I am shameless and on your face, I would stick to that. Men in my Life -5. 

I had moved into a big city, the lights scared the hell out of me. I often lost my way. Also, I had this terrible habit of getting on the wrong bus and reaching the place I never intended to reach. Having done this many times, I was getting used to my foolishness with time, enjoying it in a way. Living alone, not yet all alone. In my mind was him. Almost all the time. 

It must have been Friday night. You know how people in big cities go crazy on Friday nights. TGIF and all. I mean I totally understand that kinda crazy outburst after the weeklong suffocation and empathize. But when that chokes all traffic, and you literally glide your way out in an hour out of a stretch of road that could be walked through in ten minutes, you say happen to say a lot of things inside your mind. I didn't. I was a good girl, apparently in love. I was enjoying stuff, strangely when you think you're love, the moods are better, aren't they? You seem to have a happier outlook towards life. 

So in this mad rush of chasing some deadline, somehow I hadn't realized that I had stayed longer than usual. Then someone screamed, dude it's Friday night. Go home and sleep! And I thought, I should get going. Mom had pestered me on the phone too, a couple of times to leave that place, but somehow I get so used to not listening to her that it's become a habit. So there I was, stuck. Waiting for a bus, beside the highway. And none of them came my way. There were a lot of indifferent others too who were sensible and could wait but I got into a bus which dropped me at some crazy place. The place looked familiar but I had to literally stop strangers and ask them what place was that! 

Then after a lot of coaxing and cajoling I got a rick. He wasn't even close to giving any assurance. Bleh, another risk! Some fly-overs were totally choked, the traffic was redirected and this guy, the rick guy i.e. kept taking me up and down the same way for like twenty odd minutes and the meter crossed like a hundred bucks. I decided to take a call. My place was near a lake of sorts and I could see that lake already. So I trusted my instincts and told myself, I would find my way if I walk.  

But I had edged closer to my tipping point. I was kinda getting a li'l scared. The road beside the lake was pitch dark and there were lot of strange men. Also, I tipped over and hurt my ankle a little. I am really good at such things. There was no point in calling mom up, she would get more scared than me. I just needed someone to talk to and walk.And walk. So I sms-ed him, 'I am lost :('. He called back immediately, which was cute. Then followed a conversation, I don't much remember. I was so much in it, I didn't make it a point to make a note of anything. For me, that was so real, I almost saw the future in it. I was foolish and I don't enjoy that kinda foolishness anymore. But he was asking me to stay careful and be fine because he was there, you know, giving that protective touch all the time. It was weird, unexpected of sorts. Very caring and loving, might I sound more cliche'-d. The darkness and the strange men didn't matter to me anymore. I hadn't felt that cared for in my entire life. It just struck me in the wrong place, my heart! 

And then I took many modes to reach what I called home then. He was there with me all the time. It was almost like he had walked down all that distance with me. Brought me home. And I think I should stop right here! 


aria said...

ohh.. this was a treat.. :)
when there's a friendly beacon guiding us with love and innocence the physical presence/absence is immaterial.. have been through similar situations..
warmed my heart.. right where the void is.. :D

The Sage said...

Nice... So he walked you all the way home.. Nice fella...

Anonymous said...

did u get a guest writer for your blog ??

in any case this one seems true .. maybe that is why the Eva touch is missing .. because the MAN's touch was actually there ..

Mayz said...

anythin that strikes ur heart can never be wrong. maybe the person was wrong...but i m sure the feelin wasn't

Beauty and the BEast said...

I would say you were mighty lucky to have that particular 'someone' actually call you back and stay connected all the way home :)

Makes you wish you could hang on to such moments forever...

The cost of enterprise mobility solutions said...

nice... beautiful words

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Title Men in my life-5??

its about 'The' Man in your life, and it is awesome.

Sneha Balraj said...

Meh! Men and their ways!My man got me by talking me through an assignment the whole night. But the sad part, I haven't roped him yet! ;-)

wildflower said...

yeah, so i've felt, such is the connection


So you know my name. Big deal being faceless still! :)

wildflower said...

hm..I don't think I care about hearts and things that strike them! Glad I got enough material to write on..

Din't last. Such things don't last..but yeah those times were good! :) Love brings out the best in us

Thanks! But apparently, there is no 'the' man in my life, there are 'men', & on them I write a series titled called 'Men in my Life'..

How cute was that! :) Hurry..lest it be late

arvind said...

what a gal expect from a boy?

Sneha Balraj said...

Let me tell you about the men in my life. There's this guy (My man) who's been with me for 3 long years. But I've never looked at him the way a woman looks at her man and that scares me.(Strange I call him My Man,may be coz I can't share him with anyone.) I run around crazy, hitting on men like moth to streetlamps, get crushes like pimples, charmed by the tall, fair and handsome, and end up being hurt. And after everything gets over, I put my hair back in place, wash my face and instinctively turn to him, my silent sage. So much upheavals in my life, so many have come and gone, but he seems unmoved, right there watching me, the only constant factor in my life. He is so cruelly caring that he takes me in every time run to him! You don't meet friends who stay for so long and believe me 3 years is a long time. I run to him and cuddle under his warmth. Is it love? I don't think so. I like his shoulders, his voice, his touch but he doesn't fill a few dents in my heart. May be I just love his presence and not him. And I know someday I'll get my prince charming(The search is on baby!:D) and the girl I am, will not bother giving him a thank you hug. Will that be a betrayal then?

wildflower said...

If he is in love with you, then it would be so.