A Decent Burial

Now I am looking at everything through a different eye. A convalescing eye. At the end of the year, I can make out a hazy horizon, the beginning of the end is inching closer. I wish to leave his memories behind,  give them a silent burial. I wish no one remembers a thing beyond this. Like it never happened. But here is something I can't help. I can't help gathering him, in my hands, where like sand he slips out from between fingers, every passing moment. Still I would make a note of what I remember. This would help me forget faster.

He was a converted geek. You know a converted geek, don't you? A used-to-be geek, but the quintessential cool guy today.  Covetously sensitive at times, and at times the overconfident bloke tending towards sexy. Lived life on optimistic assumptions, something he couldn't make me learn, we didn't give it enough time.  Apparently down-to-earth. But housed this huge ego inside, I guess, I could never know for sure, could never ask. Though I loved him, I was a trifle scared too. You know love and fear go hand in hand, you would call me a maniac now and nail it into my head that it was an attraction, but I wouldn't agree. So don't even try. Had very very gentlemanly traits, you could trust he would walk an insanely drunk woman home without taking advantage. Even if that woman was much drooling in love with him. I am just saying, that woman wasn't me. Oh and there was no such woman. I have my own prince charming assumptions of him and this was one of those. He loved obscurity, living behind covers, when every damn person is only trying to be more known. Made him look like an outdated model of prospective mates, but somehow that didn't matter much. Love being blind, we all know makes flaws look so lusciously attractive. Was stubborn. He wouldn't let me sleep without driving home the point, his or mine! This jerked my nerves, but being on my own so long I began to doubt if it was just me who wouldn't budge. 

And I don't know if I am sleepy or what, but trying to remember beyond this I would be straining my memory. Guess I have burnt it all inside. Nothing more to bury then. RIP. Amen!


The Sage said...

RIP, indeed..

Soumya said...

This is exactly what I did too..

Buried until now, that is. I just hope nothing resurfaces again. For you and me both.


$uch! said...

love and fear go hand in hand.... tat fear sukx :(

Zave said...

Its more than decent, it seems pretty lavish actually.
But then its a burial, isn't it?
What is the good in that?

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Amen, may the memories rest in unperturbed peace.
Well, wasn't he a coward of sorts. Always denying and yet accepting. Covert? guess he sought fame not by own people, but from alien mouths. I kinda like this guy. But well,

RIP memories.

Have a fabulous year ahead,

Blasphemous Aesthete

Rajita said...

Sad sad post!

D2 said...

I like the guy too. And I must say, the burial was glorious.

wildflower said...

Seriously yah!

What will happen of the likes of you and I?

But I love you and am not afraid a bit.. :P

Making it look lavish was unintentional..sometimes you can't stop emotions from showing up!

wildflower said...

A happy '11 to you too! And thank God he is like-worthy, and my love wasn't that totally blind

Hmm.. With time everything is turning out to be this sad..

What's with guys liking him.. :D