Why's everyone getting married?

It shouldn't be a big deal but I seriously thought I was younger than this, I am just twenty three and many many of my friends are getting settled for life, I haven't even zeroed in on the guy, I don't even have the slightest idea if such a person exists, life is moving too fast, two years ago we were all jostling in crumbling hostel rooms, chatting up, settling scores, thinking about careers, working hard, pretending to work hard and now everyone is getting married, all of a sudden, out of the blue, statuses are getting updated from engaged to married between days, whatever happened to the knitting of dreams alone, figuring out life before you called it a day and surrendered and shareed your life with a whole another person, may be I right now am too selfish to even think of such a thing, even if I had loved someone I would prioritize myself above the knot, or rather the life I have been through has ensured my belief in being alone and happy is so important that everything else looks like too risky or emotionally foolish a venture, but it's weird to see my langotia yaars getting married, as it is thanks to those formalities I wasn't very comfortable asking, 'How's your boyfriend?' and now asking 'And how's the husband/wife?' makes me swallow two or three lumps together, nothing is wrong with me, it will take some getting used to, some more time; but the best part about being as austerely single as I is that you think you see the world in a light all those blinded by love men and women fail to see it in, if love blinds, doesn't marriage kill, and with this the longest sentence written on this blog comes to an end, I am sure you've not reached here, if you've then Congratulations, on your wedding if you too are getting married!

PS: I have nothing against people who are getting hitched, and I swear I really mean those congratulatory messages. Astla Vista!


R said...

And here I am, sick of people asking me when I'll get married! It sure is weird to have all your friends settled while you're single or engaged. I'm with you on this ;)

Surya Prakash V said...

If I once knew what I know now, I would never have married. Then again marriage is legally convenient. Then again in the life of a floating leaf, there is no illegal current of air. It takes tremendous sense of purpose to remain married without needing security or conventions. Every step is a giant leap of faith, in self and the other.

Besides we all love children.

Surya Prakash V said...

No one is ever single, we are perpetully married to ideas, people, passions, self. The sentence is what I call LIFE. ;)

The Sage said...

one should get married... after all, happiness is not the only thing in life...

Mayz said...

oh i enjoy ppl arnd me gettin married. probably stems from my sadist personality...i like seein ppl in pain :P

Rajita said...

I see world as 2 halves..married people and unmarried ones

And its difficult for either part of the world to understand the other half

Noone knows what the other is missing, but just bother about what they are missing

aria said...

90 per cent of my (female) class-mates were married around 21-22.. and most have of em have a couple of kids by now.. before even reaching 30..!!
No kidding.. I still can't think of 'settling down'.. but I guess one should get married if one really wishes to marry- sooner rather than later ... thats my perspective entirely .. :D

Smruti Ranjan said...

more than the post.. very interesting comments..

Surya Prakash V said...


True. You surprise me.

wildflower said...

You're with me not for long..get married, silence the critic ;)

Legality & al.. Too bad a world lies out there! :( Love your second comment though..insightful, I must say!

Absolutely :P.. should I pass the word eh?

With the wedding season on, you must be having a real ball ;)

wildflower said...

So true, I should adhere to that prospective now on..

Hm.. I must have sounded like the grapes are sour or smthn :|

See how I reach out to the elite masses :P

Grace Personified said...

damn!this is something i was going to write about soon (Already had, in my head :P) totally agree though, its a little absurd as well as freaky. no better way to remind us that we're pushing towards the wrong side of the twenties :|

Jeweliot said...

i know that feeling of askin your friend.. Hows the husband?

in my case, they have babies too!!!!!

Imagine! lol.

wildflower said...

Is that why this marriage season is all the more frustrating..it subconsciously reminds me of the age thingy :|

O dear :D .. Sympathies! I find child names impossible to remember, what will I do then.

Tamsin said...

oh thank youuu, a dozen times over! have been gettin status updates everyday now- 2, 3 and more- hitched, engaged or married..frankly, much more, and i'll blast the next one!

PS: ofc,, my good wishes nd all, blah blah blah :-\

wildflower said...

blast the next one huh! I can't wait to watch :P

Anonymous said...

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