Flawed Life

I promised I would be a nice girl. That wasn't enough, I wailed to be taken to the sea. Beating my feet on the floor, curled my lip and made my eyebrows meet in the middle and said 'Please'. I was tried to be appeased with chocolates and trinkets. But I wouldn't settle for anything less than the sea. My heart began fluttering the moment it was told that we were under a two hour ride from the beach. I could taste the salt in the air.

The road was dark, shaded by trees on either side, the sun, hotter than usual and the afternoon quieter. Lakes locked in the mainland, brackish and blackish, were a prelude to the emerald waters I longed for. The first sight of the sea is retained in my eyes even now, like some eternal snapshot. Sands looked endless, the sun danced as many mirages. It was as deserted as could be, waves were mild though, looking at the water receding from between my toes, a healing amnesia came over me.

Then we went to this delta sort of a thing, the river, Mahanadi fell into the sea, that place was rocky, waves were taller, more virile, they lashed onshore, disappearing into foam, drops of which landed on me, I was elated beyond words, gurgling away in laughter. Then an unexpected silence visited me, that happens often, people who've been with me would know. The waves began looking angrier, like their lives were locked by the confines of the sea and they wanted to be freed, but all they could touch was the rocks. All their pent up emotion erupted in that one moment when they dashed those rigid boulders. Catharsis, was it? But unable to move an inch beyond, they died and retreated into the sea.

The river on the other hand, was unaware of its life ahead, uncomplainingly it emptied herself into the sea. I pitied the poor thing, it had come a long way, hadn't it? Begun as a playful waterfall, meandered through miles of sands, merged and unmerged, broken and gathered. All the time, all of its lifetime it had wanted to meet the sea, waited, craved, yearned to be caged. I pitied the poor thing.

I sighed, then pitied me a little. Drawing parallels. Flawed life.


Surya Prakash V said...

Nice. But there is no pain in you, none, cipher. The river simply flows its course, all that it collects is thrown into the life of ocean, and then it rises to the skies, pure waiting for the fall.

All life moves in the twilight, you see neither the dark shades of day, nor the shining night beacon of light, just a seamless wait.

Life is perfect, yet changing. Perfection to perfection is separated by a pause, a pondering. And then the form changes.

The Sage said...

why do we need to classify everything?? i am not against anyone classifying anything, or looking at something with the prism of life, be it their own or someone else's...

but just a suggestion- why don't we just let things be the way they are, enjoy them the way they are??

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Life ain't flawed, I think the glasses might be.


Enchanta said...

out of words...


wildflower said...

wow!!! your way with words here is mesmerizing to say the least..

I am pretty laid back mostly, but sometimes can't help it :|

Happy you can look at it that way..!!

Hmm.. after a long time, feels good to hear such things, thanks! :)