Meaningless Kiss

I am high
And you're clearly not low

It's a meaningless kiss
Though twasnt supposed to be like this

We're not in love
And this room's dark

Full of strangers
We're strangers too

Tomorrow's a Sunday
Remember this, we won't anyway

I sent the ones who loved me away
Now am alone forever

Though I din't sink in thy eyes
I can tell you're the same too

So just a meaningless kiss
And  let it be

Let it be


Tan said...

It wasn't wasn't :)

D2 said...

Never meaningless in all aspects. A kiss always means something. It just depends what you're looking for, I suppose! :D

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Hmm meaningless, cold, empty, just like the room. And its dark too... just to hide any lil sparks that might ignite and make someone stay. But, its all meaningless, just like the kiss.

Blasphemous Aesthete

$uch! said...

ahaaa :P

Zave said...

Yeah, some kisses are utterly meaningless and disastrous.
And I'm saying that with a bit of experience.

wildflower said...

Somebody take away my laptop and my cellphone next time I am high! :D

Let the kiss be just spontaneous, I am not sure if you look for anything particular everytime..

Yeah, agreed!

Muah! This kiss has a lot of meaning attached I am tellin ya! :P

Young man, nothing engraves lessons like experience. Good going!

Grace Personified said...

Who are you and how many people ki kahaniyaan are you writing there! :P

Amrita said...

i like. ur blog.

R said...

There's something about these not so meaningless kisses ;)

Enchanta said...

A kiss becomes a kiss only if it wants to become one... and sometimes it doesn't make sense... and that's exactly where all the meaning and sense lies !!;-)

Love your posts...! Each of them strikes a chord with the darker insides of every soul !

Adi Crazy said...

A kiss is never meaningless but yes, 'let it be' :)
Loved your blog.

Rain Girl said...

Like it. I have never felt this way - but you did a wonderful job of placing me in your shoes...


wildflower said...

I am writing yours for sure :P

Danke! :) It's almost all I have..

Yeah, may be the marks they leave behind, making us write such poems when we let ourselves a li'l loose..

wildflower said...

Thanks for appreciating that, people would normally get away by calling me a depressed pessimist..

Thanks Adi..Nice name you have :)

Hope they fitted you well..Cheers!!

Enchanta said...

Pessimism is a beauty of life that cowards don't agree to !! ;-)
We all are pessimists somewhere inside !

Btw, do chk out my blog here.

Ubaid said...

This was good, I know what you are talking about