the first time i met koel she was a bird who sang sitting on a random branch of an unknown tree near my window in the early mornings of late February. she made me realise how tied up i was by the unwanted things in my life then. i wanted to be left in the wild like her and be onmy own. break the shackles or things that seemed so..like shackles

the second time i met koel she had become a girl that wrote everything in plump letters in hard bound note books with coarse dirty white sheets of paper. sometimes i took time off some time and stared at the ink sink into the paper. those letters were going to stay forever. i am the one who is effervescent. koel had thin eyes above plump cheeks. she had anwers to any question asked and neatly performed zoology experiments sitting beside me in a laboratory that smelled ancient. that koel must have become a doctor now.

the third koel i met was a river. i never went to her though. i always heard she was a quiet river that flowed lining in the borders of the hilly town i lived in for years. i wanted to go to her bed once or twice to see the sunrise or sunset. but many warned me that there lived dangerously uncouth fishermen or muggers. so i did never visited koel. nevertheless she came to me in my thoughts and dreams..i imagined stretches of lonely sand on dusty evenings. there must have been wild winds, and trees whose silhouttes made it impossible for me to recognise them. i saw stray dogs and a sad sunset. a reddish-blackish-reddish sky. i was happy i never madeit to koel, that i thought would have stopped me from dreaming so ..


Vagabond said...

the visual imagery is something else altogether...

that piece of glass shone like the diamond, i so wish i hadn't gone too near, it wouldn't have lost its worth...


WritingsForLife said...

I love how you paint the picture :-)

Sorcerer said...

first time here

:) loved the writeup
that was really someting wonderful

wildflower said...

@ vagabond
the closer we get the lesser i love him ;)

@ raaji
thnx.. isnt gud enuf tho..i knw

@ sorcerer
:) thnx sorcerer..

Lucifer said...

ok honestly call me dumb...

i didnt quite understand d analogy thr :(

Pri said...

lovely write! :)

Unknown said...

Really beautiful. I took the three as separate stories,didn't try relating them. Are they related?

Astraeus said...

nice :-)
very beautiful

Vagabond said...

happens all the time... =P

wildflower said...

@ mayz
its jus the name koel that stayed with me all the time, the characters that played koel kept changin..or smthin like dat .. :)

@ pri
thnx :D

@ Tapas
lol..guess they r..

@ Austraeus

@ vagabond
excuseme? what happens all d tym..help me ..m lost as always ;)

Vagabond said...

i quote you:

the closer we get the lesser i love him ;)

this does...something like familiarity breeds contempt.

wildflower said...

@ Vagabond
got yu.. :)