Does catharsis connote the fulfillment of desire? Or is one desire invariably followed by another? Or does catharsis merely fill the gap between th two?

I don't know. I might never know..

Mortality blinds me such, it is difficult to see beyond desire. I want to take it all in at the same go. Who has seen a tomorrow? Never let a desire die hungry, feed it, feed it your blood, but feed it..

But the moment the desire is done with, a lifelesness creeps in. Haven't you noticed? It's like, lying on your back and staring at the roof, puffing a smoke, and thinking, rather evaluating if all that you did, was actually worth it. Is that catharis? Isn't it I mean?

Does the only way of sure riddance of a craving desire, run right through it? May be it does. That's why we are born humans, born mortals. We need to live it, all in one go.

Are you still reading this? You are?

In the morning, when I stood before the mirror to gather if the night had made me any more beautiful, and he held me from behind, resting his head on my shoulder, our eyes that had avoided each other all night, met in the mirror, and we smiled at each other, for that one moment, i desired that all this was indeed for love, and not for the culmination of desire, followed by a bout of compulsive amnesia.

Was that catharsis?

And are you still reading this? You are?


The Rain Crab said...

"But the moment the desire is done with, a lifelesness creeps in. Haven't you noticed?"

I totally agree!!! and yes we have ti live with such a feeling cos we are mortals! so sad yet...without it... life makes lesser sense!

oh boy! i sometimes feel u r my alter ego! :)

Vaga Bond said...

probably it is the death of all desires, no fulfillment, no disappointment, no in-betweens

blunt edges said...

yup read it right through...n i don't have any answer! (well what did u expect from a guy who has calvin as his display pic!)

$uch! said...

hahahaha :)

$uch! said...
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Vagabond said...

there is a big open hole left after a fulfillment i guess that vacuum created has to be filled in with love, the need to snuggle, to be caressed to whisper sweet nothings rushes in.

i am reminded of the Damien Rice song :