rain wish

let my wish not die this time around

i want to hold your hands and
move about in the monsoon
don't let my wish die this time around

i want to step my feet
into the puddles and kick the water out
and sing a little song, once in your ear
once aloud

i want to keep losing my umbrellas..
and buy new ones
of colors..magenta, purple, all the hues of love
may be a red one too

see the waves dying into foam
lashing the rock by the sea
strings of rain, incessant
furious like our love

drenched hearts and held hands
not a shelter around
just us..alone together


Lucifer said...

tell me how...tell me how do u write so beautifully!!!

arvind said...

very intimate..
me feel - the nearness..
its lovely..
its secret..

The Rain Crab said...

Simple words... simple expression.. yet pleasant!
You are inspiring me gal! :)

wildflower said...

and tell you I will..dreams unfulfilled lead to words this fulfilling

nope, its out in th open

the poem is like named after ye ;)

The Rain Crab said...

oh really? I am so honored mam!!! :) thank you ^_^

Lucifer said...


aria said...

I really liked the para about losing umbrellas ..
simple words soaked with intense emotions..

wildflower said...

aria..that one just had to be here..without it this poem wudnt have been..

arvind said...

its not at all open wild flower..
its not easy - to be so open..

there is lot more secret between a man and woman.. lot more..

everytime - when they so close - she alone - use to throw him out..

and she always watchful - how does he behave? she always wants the assurance - "he is only for me"

how he felt why left with -
is a very big secret..

the determination of him - not to near her; the feel of him - to be so nearer to her; the flirt of him with others - that she is not at all needed..

but how to prove above all - she is the one - only one - resides in his heart as a painting..

there is always lot of secrets - wild flower..

Bhav said...

Awesum one Duggu :) Simply liked it. The title only made me smile ...