end of a dream

i wasn't sad a bit. the whole of today i thought only about you. just you. a mere half of me was where i was. the rest was with you. the entire day, now feels like a dream. a dream that was probably very real, or it at least could have been..

you entered my life as a shadow, remember? but then i wanted to feel you in flesh.. and today may be i did just that or may be i only became a trifle more insane..

my dream stretched into the future. a future that was quite an extension of the present that could have been. but yet we missed it by a whisker.

with my eyes open wide and awake, i saw us. i saw a love between us, that shone. like real people in love, doing  innumerable magical things to each other. i walked through our apartment, it sounds ridiculous, i am honestly not that crazy. but sometimes i go actively insane. today was one such..i had a waft of brewing coffee tempting my nostrils, on a tired evening. then i saw the balcony, the zooming traffic from the seventh floor, the long chain of lights. A lost us, in each other..probably

i saw  chord that held us, like nothing needed to be said. we were to be together, till you and i were meant to be. i saw the kitchen, i was so lost in the dream that i couldn't hear people speak.the only thing that reached my ears was your voice. the line separating that dream and this reality, hazed out. it became so blurred, that i couldn't figure out which was which. i blacked out. totally..

in the evening when i sort of woke up, i remembered the things you told me yesterday. and i figured out that today was a dream, the whole of it. the whole of it..was untrue, as true as the void between me and you. there isn't a thing between us, is there? there is no us, at all..

so it couldn't have been anything but a dream. it's hard to sink in, but sink in it will. i am trying..yes i am..


(¯`•._.•[Raajii]•._.•´¯) said...

sigh - I can so relate to this. Beautifully put.

$uch! said...


The Rain Crab said...

Somethings are better wen we consider it as a dream! :)
Cheer up!!! we all sail in the same boat!

wildflower said...

thnx Raaji, smhow we end up writin similar stuff..always

:( man!! this sucks totally..

yeah..we do..so gimme a hand, will you :)